Family Activities to Bust Entrepreneurial Stress

Pursuing the dream of starting a new venture is at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit. For those that have been through it, creating a business from the ground up, watching it grow and change in ways not dreamed of is the ultimate bliss. That isn’t to say that the process is all sunshine and roses. In any business venture, there will be lean times and stressful situations. There’s also a mountain of work to be done and a herculean effort that has to be put forth by the aspiring entrepreneur.


It can be an overwhelming task, and it’s even harder for anyone with a family. Trying to balance the competing interests of family life with those of startup success is like dancing on the head of a pin, and one wrong move could spell disaster. That’s why it’s important for hard working business owners with families to make time for some family activities that will bring everyone closer together and keep all of the stress and strain manageable. Here are some great things you and your family can do to relax.

Backyard Movie Night

If you’re old enough to remember going to a drive-in movie, then you also probably have fond memories of the experience. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, it’s getting harder and harder to find outdoor movie venues that are still in operation. The good news is that you can recreate a little of that magic for your family right in your own backyard. With a little bit of an equipment investment, you and your family can watch your favorite films under the stars by having a backyard movie night. It doesn’t take much time to set up, and it’s something that you can do with your family whenever the weather is nice and the mood strikes you.

Hiking and Climbing

Even if you live and work in a city, there’s a good chance that you live within easy reach of a local hiking trail. Going hiking with your family is an excellent chance to experience nature and decompress from the worries of the day. Hiking offers excellent health benefits, and studies have shown that it is amazingly effective at reducing stress. You can also try out a local indoor climbing wall for an even bigger challenge. There aren’t many things that kids love more than climbing, and letting them do it in a safe, monitored setting will be fun for everyone involved. It’s a great workout that focuses the mind and relaxes the body.

Family Yoga Classes

There aren’t many activities you can engage in to relieve stress that is more effective than yoga. It’s a relaxing form of exercise that everyone can enjoy, from beginners to experienced practitioners. You may also be surprised by how well children adapt to the experience, and it’s something that they can use on their own time as well. If you can find a local yoga studio that offers family classes, they can design a course that fits everyone’s comfort level, and you can all work together and your stresses will melt away.

Take Advantage of Location

No matter which part of the country you’re in, there’s always family fun nearby. That’s because there are 417 parks and recreation areas that are part of the national park system, and there’s at least one in every single state. Take a look at the National Park Service website to check out the hundreds of fun family getaways they offer. If you’re in an urban area, don’t worry. Urban parks have been a mainstay of American life for years, and there’s a good chance you have one nearby. Plan a picnic, have a scavenger hunt, or just lay in the grass with your loved ones and see what shapes the clouds take. Larger urban parks have even more fun in store. Places like Central Park in New York City offer ice skating, zoos, and lush gardens. There are even Central Park Pedicab tours that can carry you and your family to all the best activities the park has to offer. You’ll find similar amenities in large parks across the country.

Striking the Balance

The entrepreneurial journey is one that is filled with struggles and triumphs. You won’t ever find better supporters than your family, so make sure you take the time to reward them for their faith in you. Their happiness will be your happiness, and keeping your life in balance will make you a more effective worker as well. Always remember, there can be no professional success without personal success, so make every moment count when you can spend it with family.