Family Separation Due to Trump's Immigration Policy

The Trump era has made life in the US increasingly difficult for immigrants. The zero-tolerance policy enforced by the President has accelerated immigration lawsuits and has caused thousands of families to go through the horror of separation.

family separation due to immigration policy

Is It Possible for a Family to Be Separated in an Immigration Lawsuit?

Unfortunately, not only that this is possible, but this has happened at an alarming pace ever since President Trump has rolled out his Full Metal Jacket immigration policy. Advocates are currently trying their hardest to help thousands of children who were taken away from their parents due to illegal immigration claims.

In spite of the horrors caused by the Trump administration, the chances of it stopping remain slim. A US district court judge has ordered the government to reunite more than 2,000 children who were separated from their families during the months of May and June. While there was compliance to the judge’s ruling, the process has proven to be lengthy and extremely slow.

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Is the Family Separation Policy New?

While the policy itself is new, it was built on a system that has already existed in the US for many years now. Ever since Obama was the head of the White House, hundreds of families ended up in immigration detention. Even then, this measure required the involvement of the federal court for families to be released in absence of a decision keeping them in detention.

One of the biggest changes made by the Trump administration was pumping up detention. However, due to strict regulations on detaining children, Trump’s policy generated a “catch and release”  phase for immigrant families.

What Happens to the Children?

According to the law, immigrant children are sent to the ORR in the time of 72 hours after they were apprehended. Initially, they are kept in government facilities, while the ORR tries to find the nearest relative who is an American citizen and is able to take care of the child.

However, if the children are not accompanied, their stay in the government facilities will be prolonged,  as per Trump’s policies. After only a few months of this policy, government facilities are reaching full capacity.

Can Families Be Reunited?

Yes, even in the hostile days of Trump’s administration, families can be reunited. But since the government is sending a very clear sign that this is in no way the ultimate goal, the fight against this policy could turn into a Cold War.

To conclude, the Trump administration is showing no signs of backing up on its “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration. Should you feel threatened in any way by this, do not hesitate to call a legal repetitive. Considering the alarmingly fast pace that this has been going on, new harsh measures are expected to occur.