Amazing Gift-Giving Tips for the Hard to Buy For

Whether it’s a reserved family member or a friend who already has it all, we all know someone who is impossible to buy for. The season of Christmas shopping is just around the corner so here are some unique ideas to prevent that gift-giving anxiety!


Customize Your Gift!

A great way to make a gift special, even when you don’t know all the recipient’s interests is to customize! If you were thinking of buying someone a pencil case or even an apron, why don’t you make it more personal with an embroidery of their name or, for your partner, a special date? There are so many ideas online that will inspire you and make a generic gift feel really special for that hard to buy for someone!

Everyone Loves…

…little comforts! Certain gifts are sure to tap into anyone’s happiness, like things that help you relax! You can’t really go wrong with bath products or candles, because they make most people happy, but there are a couple of ways you can be a little more original. For example, you could buy a tea drinker some interesting new flavors or a coffee drinker a unique and rustic mug, like the ones from Deneen Pottery which can also be customized! It’s hard to go wrong with these comforting and homey gifts as they’ll also feel a little more personal.

Gift Them an Experience

Gifts don’t have to be material items, which is great news if there’s someone on your gift list who owns everything! If they’re an animal lover, you could adopt a zoo animal on their behalf. If they have an adventurous side, they might love a helicopter flying experience. If they’re generous or have a loved one with an illness, they may be touched by a charity donation. Experiences like these are great gift ideas for those who say they don’t want a gift!

Treat Them to Dinner

Another gift idea for someone who isn’t really into material gifts is to take them out to their favorite restaurant – just tell them to order what they like because this one’s on you. Not only will this make them feel really special, but you’ll be making a great memory!

Gift Cards

Sometimes, if you’re really stuck for ideas, a gift card is the way to go – they make sure your recipient will always be happy! There are even way to make sure that a gift card isn’t taken as laziness, such as finding out what their favorite shops are or, better yet, finding a business that makes bespoke items. If you don’t know much about the person you’re buying for, like a boss or distant relative, it could be a great idea to buy a gift card for their local mall.

Whilst they are full of celebration, Christmas, birthdays and any big event can bring about a lot of stress. These five ideas should make sure the hard to buy for will love their gifts – and, most importantly, allow you to relax and celebrate at ease this holiday season.