Here’s Why Millennial Couples Are Choosing A More Casually Catered Wedding Affair

Budgets are tight especially among Toronto’s Millennial crowd, and when it comes to their getting married, many have opted out of the traditional pomp and circumstance in favour of a more laid back approach. Many modern couples want a celebration that will reflect their sense of humor, personality, and community, while also reflecting the financial realities of 2017. They further extend this mentality to all aspects of the wedding, from the venue, to the décor, to the food experience.

For those who want to strip their reception of unnecessary bells and whistles, it can be done while keeping the wedding classy, enjoyable and memorable. Some popular options include hosting the reception outdoors at a local park or recreational space, ideal for spring or summer weddings. Alternatively, Millennial couples might choose to rent out a more unique venue like a gallery or something more industrial like a local concert hall for an edgier vibe. When it comes to these types of spaces however, it’s rare to have the option for staff or catering included.


Wedding planning can be an arduous process, and when it comes to choosing your guests’ culinary experience, you want catering options that will provide you with quality and inventiveness without posing additional stress. The food should complement and not overshadow the festivities. If you’re getting married in Toronto, you might consider booking a food truck. Companies like The Food Dudes in Toronto, for example, make this choice widely accessible, using fresh and local ingredients to offer delicious options while remaining within your budget. Their specialists are ready to answer any questions and can oversee every aspect of planning, budgeting, personalizing and executing your special day, taking note of any dietary restrictions or allergies as they help you decide on a custom menu.

Another popular option — featured here at — is BBQ catering, perfect for a rustic-style event, especially if the wedding is taking place outside. Partner with a caterer who has a genuine passion for it, and familiarity with the kind of BBQ you’re looking for. For a more conventional sit-down experience, choose a company that will demonstrate flexibility, care, and pay close attention to your needs while working with you to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. You can even choose to do a cocktail party, passed apps, or something completely out-of-the box to showcase your creativity and flair as a couple. Whatever you choose, go with a caterer that will appreciate your originality by complementing it with their own.

If you’re looking for something classy but casual, or something sophisticated and elegant without being lavish, why not forgo the expensive or overblown options that will take over your autonomy and put you on the sidelines of your own event. Where catering is concerned, go with an innovative and adaptable partner – one that is dedicated, consistent and can anticipate your needs. This will ensure a stress-free event that doesn’t skimp on personality.