How To Help Your Loved One Survive The Horrors Of Prison?

Is there anything you can do to help your loved one have a better life in prison?

It’s difficult when someone you love is imprisoned. People go to prison for so many reasons, so instead of blaming them from crossing the law, you should better look for ways to support them through the most difficult time of their life. When someone you love is in prison, it affects both their life and yours because their plight makes you feel ashamed.

You find difficult to talk about it with friends and family. But the best way to deal with the situation is to accept it and recognize your emotions. You can do nothing to change their circumstances, but you can make their life more bearable.


Maintain a connection

All they want is you to keep them in your life. Contact it’s essential even if you send them a letter once a month or you visit them once a year because it helps them remember they are more than a prison ID number, and they need to rehabilitate to come back to their old life. When you refuse a connection with them, you completely cut them off from the real world, and they rely only on prison politics when they need emotional stimulation. The bad part is that prison politics don’t provide the best results.

Depending on the services the facility provides, you can stay in touch with your loved one, through various means.

  • You can visit them. They love to see and talk with their friends and family, so if possible, try to visit them from time to time.
  • Sending digital letters and pictures. Some prisons allow inmates’ family to send them digital letters to help them keep up with what happens outside.
  • Call them. Phone call is the most popular way inmates connect with their loved ones. It’s a tool you can use to find out what they’re doing and tell them what’s new in your life.

Tell them the latest news

For inmates, it’s challenging to find out the latest news. But you can share with them the latest news when you contact them. You can also check with their institution to find out if they have access to news applications they can use to keep up with the outside world. Some premium services offer them access to news providers like NPR, Fox News, CNN or ESPN if you deposit a fee in an inmate debit link account.

Help them improve their education

The inmates who lack education are more likely to engage again in criminal activities because they don’t know another lifestyle. You should ask the prison if you can bring educational resources, they can use to improve their skills.

The prison can also offer access to educational programs that inmates can follow to gain specialization in certain domains. Advise your loved one to attend classes that help them grow employability skills they can use after their release.

Write them letters

Sometimes it’s expensive to call someone in prison. But even if exchanging news by phone isn’t possible, you can still connect with them by handwritten letters.

However, for contacting them you need to know where they are imprisoned. Because every USA state manages its inmate system differently, it’s challenging to find where an inmate is imprisoned. The good news is that you can use an that helps you find them. You only need to provide some basic details like the complete name, gender, age, and date of birth. Online locators not only that tell you where you can find them, but also other information that helps you connect with them.             

Visit them as often as possible

Human interactions are crucial for inmates because they help them maintain social skills. Visit your loved one in prison even if it’s not comfortable for you. When they are imprisoned in another state, you may deal with transportation issues, but you can ask other friends and family members to join you to visit them together.

Don’t be afraid to enter the facility because your loved one needs your help. Visits also allow you to find out if their rights are violated because inmate rights are often disregarded.

Talk about your life

During visits or phone calls talk about your life because your loved one wants to know what’s new. Tell them what you’re doing, and don’t try to hide negative experiences. They’re part of your life, so they should find out about it. Tell them about your school, job, pet, and anything you do. Invite them to share opinions and thoughts about what you do, and show them you appreciate their perspectives and perceptions.

Don’t forget about their birthday

Even if they say that their birthday is the same as any other day, it’s a blessing for them to call, send them a gift or visit them. If you cannot visit them, send them pictures with the cake you made for them, to show them you celebrated their birthday, and you wait for their release to feast together.

You should also remember them if the birthday of someone they love is in the near future because when in prison they may forget the little things. This way you offer them an opportunity to send a card to someone they love to wish they happy birthday in time.

Prepare for their re-entry in society

Re-entering in society is an exciting time for you, but you should be prepared for what this means. This is the moment when they need great support because they need to find a job, reconnect with friends and family members, and regain their old life.

It can be overwhelming for someone because it’s a culture shock to see that the world they knew has changed. If you stay in touch with them and encourage them to improve their education, you help them be ready for re-entering society. Check with local organizations that can support former inmates to adapt to their new life. Find out how they can assist your loved one, when they leave prison.