How to Reduce the Chances of Your Child Being Kidnapped

The number of child kidnappings in the US have sky rocketed. There are currently 88,000 missing persons records for juveniles. It has led parents to wonder what they can do to protect their children.
Our guide is going to supply you with useful advice you can take advantage of to protect your children from kidnapping in the United States.

Make them Aware

Are your children aware of the dangers?
It’s important to make your children aware of the threat. You don’t have to scare them but be frank about the issue. Tell them why you’re so strict about knowing where they are and knowing who they are with. They may not understand the full consequences, but they will certainly understand that this is something that matters to you.

Know Where they Are

This is the first step to protecting your children from harm. Make it clear that your child must tell you where they are going, who they are with, and when they are coming home.
It’s helpful to give your children a phone so you can stay in contact with them.
For parents who aren’t thrilled with the idea of providing their children with a smartphone just yet, purchase an old phone with limited capabilities.

The Check In

Another tactic is to ensure that your child checks in with you every 60-90 minutes when they’re away with their friends.
This could be in the form of an SMS or a call. If they don’t get in touch or don’t answer the phone, you know you need to raise the alarm bells.

Beware of People You Know

Did you know that 49% of all child kidnappings are performed by family members? Only 24% of child kidnappings are attributed to strangers.
It doesn’t mean you need to get paranoid about letting your kids spend a day with their aunt and uncle. But it does mean you shouldn’t blindly trust the people you know.
Demand that your child continues to check in, either through their phones or through the people they are with.

Keep their Records Updated

If the worst does happen, you need to make it easier for the authorities to find your child.
One smart way of doing this is to keep their medical and dental records updated. They should have a Child ID, updated every six months, so they can be easily identified and traced.

Never Leave Young Children Alone in Public

Public places are dangerous, whether it’s a playground or a public bathroom. Young children should never be left to wander alone as this is when they’re most vulnerable.
Accompany them and keep a watchful eye whenever they’re in public. In your absence, this should be done by someone you trust.

Last Word – Keeping Your Child Safe

These statistics are scary. It doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid about allowing your child to have fun and make the most of life, though.
Just take some smart precautions and you can keep your child safe from harm.
What are you doing to prevent your child from being kidnapped?

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