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Know What You’re Wearing: The Symbolism of Christian Rings

Every once in a blue moon, the fashion world goes nuts for wearable controversy. Such is the case of religious jewelry worn by the faithful and the chic alike, in modern-day times made not only to bound believers to their belief, but also to be photographed and featured in prestige magazines.

Have they lost their sacred properties? Not necessarily, no. But, if you do go on to buy a piece, bestow it on a loved one or wear it yourself, it’s good to know what it actually means.

Here’s everything you didn’t know, but were afraid to ask about your favourite bling – the bishop ring.

Bishop Ring Is a Part of Long-Lasting Ecclesiastical Ring Tradition

If your Christian ring has a gold band with a blue sapphire in the middle, then you are a lucky owner of an authentic piece of bishop jewellery. Both the bishops and the clergymen used to wear ecclesiastical rings with a precious gem of this exact colour, which reminded them of the incomprehensible blueness of Heaven, the way it is depicted in Western Christianity.

A few centuries into the future, the bishop ring is no longer designed with a blue sapphire, but comes with a variety of precious gems instead. Some state-of-the-art pieces don’t include a gemstone at all – mostly scaled down in design, they exude subtlety and refined elegance, carrying no religious symbols other than engraved inscriptions or carved crosses.

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The Many Meanings of Bishop Ring Gemstones

Though blue sapphire remains the key component of traditional bishop rings, jewellers now style them with precious stones of different shapes and colours. The ringmakers of old thought them everything about how to hone and include them into design, but their specific meanings and powers are mostly forgotten. Ironically, it’s exactly what makes Christian rings so valuable.

The Purity of Sapphire

From the beginning of time, our mythical thought has been transforming the earth’s elements into forces of good and evil. In both folk tales and religion, the colour blue was associated with deep waters and high heavens, thus becoming a symbol of purity itself.

The religious meaning of blue sapphire is no different – besides being a spiritual portal to heavenly realms, this gemstone is believed to be the ultimate shield from evil spirits. Its power lays in purifying quality that bishop rings bestow upon their carriers, transporting them to the state of divine clarity.

The Mindfulness of Emerald

If blueness of waters and skies represents purity, then it’s only natural that greenness evokes a feeling of eternal tranquillity. The beholder of such a bishop ring is hopeful, faithful and loving, which makes it a perfect gift for those in need of spiritual relief.

Traditionally, an emerald was considered to be the stone of prophecy and wisdom. Its mystical power is inner calmness, a state of religious mindfulness known only to true believers. But despair not, for you don’t have to be one in order to sense the same peace as you gaze into the bottomless whirlpool of greens on your ring finger – the only thing you need to be is a soulful being.

The Glory of Ruby

Being a red gemstone, ruby should symbolize the opposite of sapphire, just as the archetypical fire eternally defies the water and its purity. But, nothing is as simple inside of a human mind. Symbols change their polarities all the time, transcending beyond good and evil, oscillating in between a superior mind and a temptation of sin.

And, that’s exactly what makes rubies so exciting. When shining from a bishop ring, this gemstone represents ecclesiastical glory, good fortune, and spiritual wealth. For red isn’t the colour of any fire – it is the biblical flaming sword that glows with fire by the power of God, as depicted in Genesis.

The Soberness of Amethyst

All throughout the Bible, amethyst is described as the stone of sobriety – one could drink wine from an amethyst goblet and remain clear headed and free of earthly temptations. In Western Christianity, however, this precious stone is a mark of royalty, worn by both medieval kings and today’s high priests.

Interestingly enough, what Christians deem as a shield against mystical intoxication, Hebrews use as a sleeping aid that promotes lucid dreaming – which yet again goes to show that no symbol is universal. If amethyst’s dark, purple hues evoke the sense of calmness in you, then calmness is exactly what the amethyst stands for.

Though all Christian rings have specific religious meanings, their symbolism is always open to interpretation. Nevertheless, that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of what you’re wearing or giving to others as a token of love and devotion. As far as bishop rings go, you can now be sure that your favourite one will bring you divine protection and inner wisdom, whether you are a believer or not.