Realizing Family is the Most Important Thing in Life: a Conversation with Anil Chaturvedi
Family Motivation Story

Realizing Family is the Most Important Thing in Life: a Conversation with Anil Chaturvedi

When was the last time you spoke to your family? What about the family members you don’t see often? Have you reached out to them and reconnected after drifting apart? Or do you spend your time reminiscing instead of making new memories together? The phrase “you don’t know what you have until you lose it”is never more appropriate than when discussing family. No matter what the situation, people should appreciate their families as much as possible because one day they won’t be around.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Anil Chaturvedi, a successful banker, philanthropist, and a father who recognizes the importance of family.  Anil has made a name for himself in India, Switzerland, and the United States, but his focus has always been in creating success for his family.

The song “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin tells the story of a man who wishes to spend more time with his son, but the son has no time for him because his father didn’t make time for him when he was young. Anil tells us why we tend to underestimate the significance of family and why it’s important to create success for those around you, rather than for yourself.

We are Family

Anil and his wife have raised two sons, both becoming successful businessmen in their respective fields and both positively contributing to the world. In this publication’s discussion with Chaturvedi on his career and his personal philanthropy, he reiterated that his family was his proudest achievement, so much so that we felt the story of Anil Chaturvedi is best told through his sons. Anil and his wife have focused on instilling a culture of hard work, perseverance and an inquisitive, open mindset in their progeny and Anil argues there is no secret to realizing family is the most important thing – you just have to stop and look around once in a while and recognize the things that are making you smile.

Rahul Chaturvedi

Anil’s son Rahul is the CEO of Clora, a company that assists with the introduction of new medical therapies to the public. It often takes around 14 years and $2 billion for a new drug to make its way into the marketplace and Rahul is interested in expediting the process and giving physicians and patients access to medications sooner. 

Clora is a startup based out of Massachusetts and its goal is to assist life science companies in hiring the essential talent needed to speed up this process. The company has already raised $3.3 million in seed money and matches research companies with talent ten times faster than previous models. The company’s services cost only about 30 percent of what the recruiting companies typically charge, it’s free for potential candidates, and they only charge employers if they hire a candidate provided by Clora.

Before founding Clora in 2016, Rahul Chaturvedi spent 15 years in the life sciences industry. He noticed that companies were taking longer and longer to develop new life-altering therapies, thanks to technical and regulatory challenges and that they were facing pressure to reduce the cost. Clora solves the challenge of there being significant underutilization with these skilled experts, they are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to be called up, because companies don’t have a great way of finding them. The goal of his firm is to apply technology to change how the entire industry works so that new products make it to market faster and far more cost-effectively to patients.

Amit Chaturvedi

Amit Chaturvedi is making a name for himself with Turner Sports, a division of Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS), being promoted to executive VP of revenue operations and product management. Amit’s position includes oversight, direction, and management of Turner’s ad operations division.

“In just a brief time, Amit has built a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team that has effectively overseen the delivery and execution of ad sales revenue across Turner’s linear and digital portfolio, including supporting key tentpoles like March Madness and the 2016 election,” said Amit’s employer. “I’m confident he will continue to drive innovation and revenue for the company as part of my leadership team, taking on additional ad products and product strategy responsibilities.”

Family as a Priority

Wherever our professional lives may take us, we must not forget about our family and loved ones on the journey. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our busy daily lives and put family on the backburner, but if we make a conscious effort to keep them front and center, we will have more people with whom to celebrate our accomplishments.

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