Role of Religion and Maintaining Close Personal Relationships

Religion plays an important role in many aspects of our lives. One of the most important is the relationship we have with God, and in turn, we have stronger relationships with our families, partners, friends, and community. For centuries, religion has played an important role in society, shaped our family systems, and guided us through the darkness with positivity and moral fortitude. George Rutler believes that a strong religious background is an undeniable asset to creating and maintaining long-lasting personal relationships.

Being part of a religious group as a local church can provide stability and emotional support to its members. A hand is always available to hold when times are tough for an individual in a religious community, and rallying around a family in hardship is a common occurrence. The regularly attended church functions are great opportunities for individuals and families to meet people with common goals and interests and a deep sense of roots. The church is like a community within the community. Learning from other’s points of view helps one become more tolerant.

Religious parents are proven to raise religious children who benefit in many ways. Religious couples tend to have fewer conflicts and raise children who have sound decision-making skills and better manage their emotions. Guided by family values that include respect, moral fiber, honesty, and hard work, children become good people. Children learn to be God-fearing, compassionate, humble, generous, and kind. The religious community that a family surrounds themselves with will mirror those same values back to the children, making the moral quilt stronger. Father Rutler thinks that socialization is an important and imperative need of a child, and it is encouraged in a church community. Children who belong to a community have the opportunities to make friends and create bonds that last due to shared experiences and values. Children will use the morals that the family and church have instilled in their adult lives by continuing the tradition of raising generous, tolerant, and kind children of their own. The generations of families will have a shared common bond of a religious background to keep the family stronger. Being able to relate to one’s family members leads to a feeling of acceptance and a strong sense of self for religious families’ children. When individuals are struggling in aspects of their life, their relationship with God and talking to God can help them make good decisions.

Families have the opportunity through religious activities to spend more quality time together. Bible studies and readings, church functions, and services are ways that families can spend quality together while also practicing their shared religion. Furthermore, religious couples are less likely to be divorced. A couple’s shared religious background helps navigate a marriage’s waters in trouble and finds a middle ground. Religious couples are less likely to join into marriage hastily, giving due time to learn about each other, their common goals, and how they will build a strong, lifelong marriage.

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