How to Travel With a Large Family and Still Have Fun

Spending Easter in Quarantine

Father George Rutler realizes that with the changes the world has gone through within the past year with COVID-19, a lot of normal things, such as holidays, are changing as well. The way people have been celebrating the holidays of the year have been admittedly, a lot less fun and exciting as they have been in the past. Instead of seeing family, going out, or celebrating in the normal ways, the world has shifted to online celebrations and staying at home. As spring is approaching, so is Easter, meaning new ideas about how to celebrate the season are being considered.

Will Easter Feel the Same?

As everyone has seen with holidays such as Christmas last year, the current world situation surrounding the pandemic means that there is no real room for visiting and spending time with family. What with social distancing, it isn’t possible to see all of your extended family and loved ones on holidays anymore.

Along with the family time being stripped from the holiday, it also becomes less possible to take part in Easter festivities. Again, with social distancing guidelines, fun things such as Easter egg hunts and going out to brunch won’t be permitted. Not to mention, going to church for the day will not be possible either.

How to make quarantine Easter fun

Even though the world is stuck in a COVID-19 quarantine, it is still possible for everyone to enjoy the holiday. With the introduction of multi-person video calling, such as Zoom, it is an option to come together with family just as before. Setting up a Zoom call with each member of the extended family can bring everyone closer together and allow everyone to still at least see loved ones through the screen for the day.

In other aspects, such as church, live streams or reservations may be of help. Some churches across the U.S. are opening back up to the public in order to allow a few people, socially distanced, back into the church for mass throughout the day. Though, these reservations may fill up, due to the holiday driving many people to church, and live streams may be another option.

Some churches are holding masses in a more accessible way, filing it and allowing everyone to watch from home. Of course, this isn’t the same experience as a normal Easter mass, but it provides a better grasp on the holiday. Either way, those running mass such as the New York pastor are encouraging church and celebrating Easter. George Rutler knows that there isn’t going to be the same feeling this Easter, but that the holiday is still possible

Easter in Quarantine

Times are tough, and the experiences everyone has had this past year calls for a need for celebrating differently this year. In order to provide a safe environment, traveling, seeing extended family, enjoying festivities, and going to church will either not be possible or just not be the same. Despite the changes from COVID-19, though, Easter is still happening, and it is still possible to have an enjoyable and exciting time this spring. Utilize companies like Sunbasket to enable you to eat the way you have on past Easter holidays, without the adding stress on top of the covid pandemic.

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