Teach your Child How to Become an Entrepreneur and Prepare Them for Success

If you are thinking ahead about your child’s future and would like him or her to have entrepreneurial skillsets, it is critical to get the right type of education. Some say that an entrepreneur is born, while others feel the skills needed to create a business can be effectively taught, and perhaps the answer lies somewhere within the two. If you would like to help your child develop into the next Elon Musk, here are a few qualities and skills to instil at an early age.

  • Critical Thinking – The ability to think a problem through is a valuable skill for anyone to acquire, let alone a would-be entrepreneur and by choosing the right school that adopts a hands-on active learning strategy, your child will gradually be able to analyse situations, weigh up all the possible options, then decide on the best course of action. If you want to assure that critical thinking skills are taught, enrol your child in a British international school in Bangkok, for example, the UK curriculum emphasises critical thinking and analytics, which is delivered by qualified teachers from the UK.
  • Creativity – Building anything from the ground up requires creativity and thinking outside the box and these skillsets should be nurtured from a very young age. A child should not study academically until they are 7 years old, so kindergarten and pre-school should be about having fun and enjoying the learning experience. We see some amazing inventions that were the result of someone’s creative talents and one can adopt a creative approach when launching a business. Some parents make it a point that anything started should be finished and whenever the situation arrives, stimulate the creative abilities of your child.
  • Discipline & Determination – There are many potholes on the road to business success and a good entrepreneur can solve problems on the go and has the determination to try again, with a slightly different approach. Making a success of a small business involves a high level of sacrifice, as you have no time to socialise and are often working 7 days a week from morning until night; ask any seasoned entrepreneur and they will tell you of the many problems they had to overcome on the path to success. One has to find a balance between winning and taking part and there’s nothing wrong with encouraging your child to be competitive, while it should not be at the cost of another.
  • Communication Skills – It is important to encourage children to communicate well, as a person with good communication skills is able to interact with others and these are skills that are essential in all aspects of adult life. If your child presents project to their classmates at school, this is valuable experience that will prove to be invaluable in later years. Here is a great article that looks at the type of work that suits you.
  • Understanding Economics – The very heart of entrepreneurism, helping your child to understand economics will really help them to better understand how business works; a 5-year-old can be asked to save their weekly pocket money, while you can introduce the concept of supply-demand, citing everyday items. Monopoly is a great game to teach children how to manage money and other assets, as the player can acquire real estate for a price, rent property out to other players. Of course, the instruction you give should be proportionate to their level of understanding.
  • Start Young – We’ve all read about the wonder-kids who made a million dollars before the age of 16, which only goes to show that it is possible for a youngster to create the wherewithal to launch a successful business venture. Source inspirational stories about young entrepreneurs and see what kind of reaction that elicits and if your child does show entrepreneurial qualities, this should be eagerly supported. In these uncertain times, perhaps it is better to focus on preparing your child by talking about careers, even at a very young age.

It is important to enrol your child in a school that provides a dynamic curriculum that equips the students with the tools they need to become successful at whatever they do. One cannot force things on a child, but if they show an interest toward something, then this should be encouraged and any entrepreneurial activities supported. Here is a link to the UK National Curriculum, which is widely regarded as the best in the world.

Follow the Child’s Interests

Sadly, there are parents that coerce their children into taking up something they consider would be good for a career, while the child holds no interest and this can lead to problems. We all have to discover our hidden talents and supporting your child when they are interested in something will help them to develop essential skills and go on to have a very successful career.

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