The Importance of Comprehensive Academic Education

As we all know, education is an essential component to create well-balanced individuals that will be productive members of society, and if you are currently looking for the right school for your child, it makes sense to take your time and make the right choices.

Early Learning Programs

Young children require special attention, with no real introduction to academic instruction until around the age of 7 years old, rather the emphasis is on developing creativity and imagination, which provides a foundation for solid academic education. It is essential that young minds are encouraged to enquire about the world around them, and if your child is enrolled in the right early learning program, they will be encouraged to be curious about everything.

Critical Thinking Skills

As a child develops, he or she needs to be able to analyse information and process data in a critical manner, and this is one of the major goals for the primary section of academic education, which provides a solid foundation for the secondary schooling years. There is, for example, a very well-known British international school in Bangkok that offers an ideal program that helps the students to hone their critical thinking skills, and they can be found with a Google search.

Project-Based Learning

This has proven to be a very effective way to empower learners, as they have to use their skills to overcome real obstacles, plus all participants learn how to work in a team. In such a learning environment, the students learn how to work together, how to think outside of the box and how to brainstorm and solve problems. The teacher does not teach per se, rather they are facilitators to guide the group towards their objectives, and with their input, the students are able to overcome various issues that stand in their way.

Secondary Education

The final 6 years of academic education are essential, as these are the years when the students are exposed to high level subject learning, and at this stage, it is all about academic examination results that are the key to entering the university of your choosing. In order for a student to develop in all areas, they need to experience the right early learning and primary education program. The Christ School has compassionate, loving educators who focus on students’ education and spiritual development, which prepares them well for the deeper academic education that comes in the final 3-4 years of formal academic learning.

One School Learning

As well all know, changing schools on a regular basis has a negative effect on the student, and the optimum scenario is when a learner is able to stay at one school from kindergarten to Year 12. If the learner is with the same teachers and following the same educational objectives from start to finish, this is very beneficial, as they establish deep relationships with teachers and peers that would not otherwise occur.

When looking for a school for your child, please bear all the following in mind, and always pay particular attention to a school’s mission and vision statements, as you get a clearer understanding of their methodologies.

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