Tough Conversations That You Have To Have With Your Children or Teens

Children and teens of the modern era seem to be growing up at a record pace. Even those too young to read understand how to use technology in order to watch their favorite show or play their favorite game. This has not eliminated the need for parents that are willing to have tough conversations or awkward conversations with their kids or teens. Not addressing these tough topics can leave your teen wondering about answers and turning to their friends for advice which isn’t always the best course of action. The following are tough conversations that you are going to need to have with your children.

Drugs and Alcohol

Talking to your teen about drugs or alcohol can be an uncomfortable situation. There is a chance that you like to have a drink or two with dinner which can send a teen mixed signals. Let your teen know that the age requirement for drinking is 21 because people of less than that age aren’t mature enough to handle their alcohol. Then let them know plenty of people over 21 aren’t capable of handling their alcohol in a responsible way. The most important thing you can let your teen know is that if they have been drinking, not to drive. Institute a policy where your teen can call you at any time for a ride without punishment. Obviously, there has to be a limit to this but the fact is that many teens have died because they were afraid of punishment.

The Talk If You and Your Partner Are Splitting Up

There is a chance that you and your partner just can’t seem to make it work. The children are going to be upset by this even if they are well into their 20’s or 30’s. The thought of their parents not being together is something that many kids today have to deal with as the divorce rate is significant in today’s world. The most important thing to stress to your children is that the divorce is none of their faults. Children will tend to blame themselves for a marriage dissolving which can lead to depression. Another thing to discuss is that of the living situation and even the holiday arrangements. Some parents can put their differences aside to spend the holidays together but in most cases they split the holidays. See what your children want and see if you and your ex can work out an amicable agreement.

The Possibility of Losing You and Your Significant Other

The last thing that you want is your children to be constantly worrying about losing their parents. Letting your children know what your wishes are after you pass away is extremely important. The custody of the children should be written down in a contract somewhere. The guardianship of the children is extremely important as the closest living relative isn’t always the best candidate to take your children in. Large estates can become quite messy when it comes to taking the children in. Many times the person entrusted with the money can splurge on things not in line with the wishes of the deceased parents. CLA Estate Services can help draw up your will or help you with the management of money for your beneficiaries. These services will also help your estate by figuring out methods to keep your estate from being taxed immensely which can happen without estate planning services.

The tough conversations that need to be had above will be memorable for you and your children. Being as transparent with children as possible about certain topics can help them make better decisions in the future. Empower your children with knowledge and see how far it takes them!

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