Why Baby Balm Is Important

Parenthood is full on! You are now fully responsible for a newborn’s wellbeing and every single decision you make impacts them directly!

There is your baby’s nutrition, health, safety, development, and growth to think about around the clock and it can be absolutely exhausting!

Luckily people have been raising kids for centuries and over the years there has been a range of tips, products, and age-old wisdom to help all the new up and comers navigate their way through this equally exhausting and exhilarating time in our life.

There isn’t enough time to address every single thing you need to know when it comes to babies. What you do need to know is that we are here to help you tackle all your baby’s needs, one topic at a time.

So let’s dive into your baby’s skin. Did you know that when babies are born, their skin actually takes a really long time to properly develop? That is why their skin is so susceptible to rashes and irritation. Their skin just can not handle it.

One of the most important aspects of your new born’s wellbeing is to practice extra caution with their skin. It is one of the most vital organs of the human body after all!

So what’s a parent to do? Well, luckily we’ve got a range of ways you can look after your baby’s skin to ensure that their skin is well looked after.

1. Choose baby balm wisely

One of the best ways to prevent any skin irritation or to soothe skin that has had outbreaks is with baby balm. But it is important to remember that not all baby balm is created equal. You want to try to choose a balm that is natural and chemical free—and of course well-reviewed by parents! This can be applied daily—actually even multiple times a day—to your baby’s skin. It will feel great, especially in between diaper changes!

2. Be smart about how you bathe them

If you are bathing your child every day, pay extra attention to the type of soaps you are using as this could eventually lead to severe skin irritation. It is always recommended to air on the side of caution and uses gentle soaps along with extra soft towels to dry their skin off with afterward.

3. Diapers can impact skin sensitivity

Just like other baby products, diapers are not all made equally. And the frequency in which the diapers are changed has an equal effect on your baby’s skin! While you want to change the diaper as soon as you realize your baby has gone to the bathroom, changing them too frequently can lead to skin distress. Consider even giving your baby’s bum breathing time between diapers so it can get some natural air.

4. Act with caution in the sunlight

Babies should of course enjoy the outdoors, but too much sun for your baby can cause damage to their skin. Ensuring that they are not over-exposed with sunshine is one of the best tricks in the book to make sure their skin stays nice and healthy. It’s all about balance within it comes to sunlight!

5. Check what detergents you are using

Another way that your baby’s skin can become irritated is through chemicals in the detergent used to wash their clothes. Babies go through a lot of clothes and naturally make their way into your washing load quite frequently! But if possible, sticking to organic detergent powders is generally the safest way to go in ensuring your baby’s clothes are not harming their skin!

6. Watch out for dry skin

If your baby seems to be suffering from dry skin, consider switching from lotions to baby balms. Balms offer a thicker solution to giving your skin much needed nutrients to stay glowing and well moisturized! In fact, if your baby’s skin is dry too often, that beautiful baby glow might disappear quicker than it should!

7. See if your baby is sweating abnormally

Sweat often leads to skin irritation for babies. If you are noticing your baby’s skin constantly being irritated, see if perhaps it is being caused by an overheated environment. Even if your baby is simply sitting there, too much heat will cause them to sweat profusely, which leads to distress in the skin!

Being a parent is challenging but equally rewarding! Knowing that your baby has beautiful glowing skin that adults are all envious of is just one less thing to worry about! With a range of solutions to keep your baby’s skin beautiful, whether that be from the baby balm, bathing techniques, or even how much time they spend in the sunshine, you are sure to master this important checklist item for parenthood!

Don’t be scared to adjust your baby’s skin care routine and find what really suits their skin.