Winning at Giving, You Must Get Personal

Gift giving time is always around the corner. For some people this is a time of great stress, especially if you are not the kind of person that follows the crowd or current trends. Great gift ideas seem to have a short shelf life, and last year’s hot item isn’t going to make you any points this year, even if you think it’s great. You can search Amazon all day long and just get numbed out by all the sameness. How is it possible to be the person who gives good gifts? The answer is you must get personal. Most people are not very concerned about the value of a gift unless it is extremely valuable. They are looking to see what the gift says about how you see them. This is trouble, but the way around it is personalized gifts.

If you don’t know enough about a person to give a gift with intimate meaning. The next best thing is to give a gift that has their name on it or is personalized in some way for them alone. Here is a list of examples.

  • Personalized Baby Keepsakes – This is the perfect gift for a shower or for a new mom. A great selection of personalised baby gifts can be found at CMC Gold Australia. A baby keepsake is a double winner, because it is a gift that celebrates the most important thing in a new mom’s life, and it is something that will be treasured through the years as the baby grows up and starts their own family.
  • Christmas Ornaments – the beauty of a personalised Christmas ornament is that there is always room on the tree for one more thing. But with the right choice, that ornament might become a family heirloom. This will boost your gift giving credentials through the roof. And you will be remembered year after year.
  • Wine – If your recipient likes wine, it is unlikely that a gift of wine can fail unless you get the brand terribly wrong. But a bottle of wine with a personalised label is a clever and thoughtful gift, that will be appreciated for any occasion. There are a few ways to go about it, you can even order a bottle to be delivered. But if their tastes are very specific. You might have to get a label made and apply it yourself.
  • Jewellery – If you really want to impress a girl, you might want to have a piece of jewellery made exclusively for her. There is quite a range of potential costs here, from simply having something engraved, to going all out and having a professional jeweller make something new. It might be best to make it a necklace and earrings, because rings bring their own meanings.
  • Mugs – A coffee mug is a wonderful gift for many reasons. It is something everyone can use, and it doesn’t come loaded with any political back story. It is wonderfully neutral. Now this article is not about being neutral, but a mug is still a great gift if you personalise it some way. People love to have a cup that makes a statement, especially at the office. This is also a good gift for someone that all you know about, is their name.
  • Cutting Board – Like the coffee mug, a cutting board is the kind of thing people use and they will be happy to get anytime. However, a standard cutting board isn’t very gifty. But if you were to personalise it, voila, now it’s cool. One idea that takes this to a new level is to have the board engraved with your favourite recipe. That way you are not only giving the board, but you’re sharing a secret too.
  • Coasters – Ok, coasters can be a lame gift, they require no thought whatsoever. But what if each coaster had a caricature of a family member on it, and their name too, and don’t forget to make one for the pets as well. Now you have an interesting and personal gift. You can be sure they don’t have a set of these.
  • Birth Month Flower Necklaces – For a birthday, you can be unique by finding out the flower for that month and having one preserved in clear resin. Then have that made into a pendant. It is something personal and unique, win win.
  • Address Sign – This is not a new idea, it has been done for years, but it is a gift that works for everyone who has a property. Depending on how well you know the person. You can get very creative in the style. Give it a try.

Almost anything can be personalised if you think about it hard enough, and that is what makes the gift special. It shows how much you were thinking about it. As in ‘It’s the thought that counts.’ This year don’t try to follow the trends, take something useful and make it unique.