Best Summer Colors to Wear

According to the former arbitrage trader and current health and wellness expert Helen Schifter, it’s important for our well beings to feel excited about our wardrobes and adding some new colors to it during the changing seasons. Schifter loves adding new colors to her wardrobe especially for the summer months. Here are some of her recommendations for the best summer colors to wear this year for some extra pops of energy.

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is the color of summer in Helen Schifter’s book. It captures the warmth of the season. Yellow summer tops go well with almost everything for some added color. A yellow top, shorts, and sandals are a great combination for the beach.

Floral Red

Red is usually in most floral patterns. And floral and summer go hand in hand together. You should get some floral prints with red or shades of red to create the perfect summer vibes with your summer tops, swimsuits, and dresses. You could also choose some red in striped prints or polka dots for some fun summer pops of color.

Orange or Coral

Orange doesn’t immediately spring to mind as a summer color to some people. But it’s a combination of both yellow and red, which makes it perfect for serving some summer looks. Coral is also a more orangey shade of red that is fittingly summary, with the beach elements it gives to outfits. So find some orange or coral colors for your summer wardrobe.

Sky Blue

Usually the sky is bluest and brightest during the summer months. Capturing that color into your clothes will give you some bright pops of summery color to your clothes. Some tops or swim wear in shades of sky blue might be something to look for while shopping.

Bright Shades of Green

Shades of bright green are reminiscent of the green plant life growing all around us during the summer. Add some clothes with bright green and green print to give your wardrobe some extra summer expression. Bright green will be the color you’ll want to look for the most.

Just Say Yes to Colors

The lifestyle and wellness expert Helen Schifter believes adding any colors that you love to your summer wardrobe will make anyone feel better about their lives and how they look. You don’t have to choose the colors on the list if these aren’t the colors that make you happiest. Choose the colors that you love for your summer clothes too. If you love purple, wear some shades of purple. If you’re crazy about mint, choose clothing that is mint. Or branch off into turquoise clothes. The summer time is a time to enjoy being yourself too and not about just following style recommendations. Sometimes adding a few different colors you wouldn’t normally wear can add something special to your look, but it’s okay to just add a few clothing items in the colors you love the most this summer.