Dresses: What Styles Should You Buy?

If you run your own clothing business, you probably have ideas about how you are going to transform your offerings as the season’s change. With Spring and Summer months fast upon us, it’s time to start stocking up on one of the most desired pieces for women on warmer days  — dresses! No matter the preferences in style of your clientele, dresses are sure to be a hit all around because they are extremely versatile. Wholesale dresses are one of the greatest clothing choices for both sellers and buyers because they are a complete look, from top to bottom, in one step! This means less time trying to match up an outfit, and more time out spent strutting your outfit. With so many different options in dresses, here is a breakdown of some of the styles you should consider buying this season!

Knowing your Audience

Having a good idea about the preferences of the clientele you serve will give you a good idea as to the kinds of pieces you need to have in stock. For example, if you are located close to a college, you may want to have a selection of party or graduation dresses available. If your store is in the corporate district of a city, professional and formal dresses may be a more popular choice. If you’re an online seller, you may want to track the trendiest styles and offer a few of those varieties! Some of the top designs this season include florals, thin stripes, trapeze-style dresses, cage sleeves, and maxis. 

Special Occasions

Everyone knows that Spring and Summer are graduation and wedding seasons. Ladies looking for dresses might be shopping for pieces for those seasonal events. Here are some suggestions for dresses that might be helpful to have in stock when those times come. 

  • Graduations. If you are located near a university or high school, you might have clientele browsing for dresses to either graduate in or to attend a graduation in. They’ll most likely want a piece that is slightly formal, but easy to move around in on a busy day. A sleeveless keyhole dress, or even a long sleeve lace fit and flare dress, both in any color, are classy, simple dresses to have on the hangers in anticipation for graduation. 
  • Weddings. Love warms as the weather does! The Summer months are the most packed with weddings than any other time of year. For these occasions, your customers will want a dress that is subtly stunning. For this reason, a midi dress or a v-neck bell sleeve lace dress are both great options. 

A Warm Day Work Dress

We all know that even though the weather may be nice outside, it’s probably still cold as an icebox in an office working environment. A/C will not stop ladies from wanting to wear dresses! They will simply find a piece that will work well in both an indoor and outdoor setting. Options to consider having in stock for these situations include:

  • Sleeve Dress. Complete with sleeves and a hemline just above the knee, a sleeve dress is lightweight for work when the A/C is on and you want your arms covered for warmth, but you still want a lighter material for your commute home. 
  • Chiffon Dress with Crew Neck. Equal parts elegant and fun, a chiffon dress with a crew neck is formal enough to wear to work, but also super flowy, which allows the wearer to stay cool and move throughout their day without restriction.

Not so quite…

Rompers and jumpsuits, while not quite dresses, can give the sophisticated, cute, and fun look of a dress while still giving the wearer a sensation of wearing pants. Some shoppers, while they may walk into the store dedicated to getting a dress, may change their mind once they see the beautiful patterns and cuts offered in rompers and jumpsuits. Therefore, while the two options are not dresses, they carry a similar look that customers might want to try. 

Remember, dresses come in many more styles than discussed above. There are a plethora of brands, materials, colors, and patterns that are appropriate for casual days, formal events, and work settings. This makes dresses a perfect choice for wholesaling purchasing that is sure to please a wide variety of clientele. Even better, you can pair the dresses with hats, scarves, shoes, and an assortment of other accessories to inspire your customers to create a dynamic outfit from the dresses in your stock. Now that you have an idea of the wholesale dress styles you should buy, it’s time to put your creativity to use and start buying!