Fashion Jewelry and Accessory Trends

You could be up and down the market searching for top-of-the-line jewelry and trendy accessories. Maybe all over the internet and social sites trying to find the hottest jewelry trends from celebrities. Your greatest wish is to put on outstanding jewelry and accessories which would turn heads in your direction as you walk in the streets. Consequently, old jewelry fashion would be totally out of the question here.

While some trends come and go, others can stay for some time. Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate to fall for affordable fashion jewelry wholesale from some of the top stores because of the trend. So, before you hop into that, it would be very critical to look into some of the best fashion jewelry and accessory trends in the market:

Bling it on

Spring 2019 runway was the first time the dripping crystal jewelry made an appearance and in no time was all over Instagram. It was mostly courtesy of Alexandria Rich’s over-the-top earrings which were later worn by Ariana Grande in her ‘’7 Rings” video. Therefore the nostalgic trend is all about being a little playful and unapologetically bold.

Crystal drop earrings

There won’t be a little bit of nostalgia if crystal drop earrings are not part of your fashion jewelry wholesale. These bold drop earrings will embrace your inner beauty by looking great with your jeans and t-shirt as they would do with your glam night outfit.

Modern pearls

The pearls are here again. However, not like the ones we have seen before. Forget the delicate pearl hoops, ear cuffs, and the sculptural bracelets because the classic piece is getting modern. There is no need to reinvent since pearls are a forever classic; in fact, right now pearl-adorned accessories are the hottest jewelry trend.

Rainbow rings

There is no getting over this fashion jewelry trend in 2019. So, these rainbow rings are what every fashion lady is asking for out there. BaubleBar’s Alidia ring rose to popularity in January 2019, and now you have numerous options if you really want  to mix and match your gemstones to bring a colour block effect.

In messy layered necklaces

How about a little mess on the accessories? We all love good messy stuff. Adding chains and pendants of varying sizes helps create a unique look. The 2019 fashion jewelry trend is all about mingling thick and thin chains and beads to create a modern look. So, why not check it out in fashion jewelry wholesale from top stores?

Mismatched earrings

There is no better way to tell a story than with this mismatched earrings which most models have been wearing to showcase the fall jewelry trend in 2019. Mismatching your earrings enables you to display a great deal of jewelry as possible. Why don’t you get on board with some of the above-mentioned jewelry trends? However, you can look at to see some of the best fashion jewelry wholesale offered at rock-bottom prices.