Festival Fashion Checklist for Females

Given how diverse the rave community is, finding an outfit for a rave is a joy in itself. The number of trendy rave garments available really allows those looking to embrace the rave culture to do so with style. However, some guidelines should be followed to ensure that you have the best experience when attending a rave.

An open and free attitude is welcomed in the rave community, but there are other factors such as the weather and location to consider. As such, the checklist can change from time to time, but  

T-Shirt for Sleeping In

Although females will not want to take more clothing than they need, it is vital to ensure modesty is kept in check if attending a rave that takes place over several days. Fortunately, you do not need to pack cumbersome pyjamas, as a t-shirt is an excellent substitute for bedtime.

If you are trying to save money, then an old t-shirt will suffice, but you may want to treat yourself to one of the many inspired nightdresses available.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Socks

When focusing on rave outfits, it can be easy to overlook the essentials. Socks are one of the most critical items of clothing you will take to a festival, and they do not take up much room in your luggage.

Although the packing of socks may not be as exciting as other items, you will be thankful you put them on your checklist along with your bra top and glowsticks.

Consider a Fanny Pack or Crossbody Bag

Although the items taken to a rave can be similar in some instances, there will be others that want to take other items with them. For example, if travelling abroad, they will need to pack a passport, as well as some toiletries.

Fortunately, packing some additional items does not mean having to pull a suitcase around the festival, and there are fanny packs and crossbody bags that make light work of storing and transporting items, without affecting your enjoyment of the rave.

Kimonos Are Perfect for Layering

Seasoned ravers have learned how to craft different outfits using only a few items of clothing, and one of the most essential additions can be a kimono. Not only are there now a wide range of rave-inspired wear, but they are also thin and weightless, meaning that you do not have to carry more to meet your ravewear requirements.

A Raincoat Can Be Still Be Radical

Many expect rain when attending a rave, but this does not mean that they should have a soggy experience as a result. Fortunately, staying dry does not have to be at the detriment of our dress sense.

As well as several radical raincoats, there are also many ponchos that bring new dimensions to a rave outfit.

The main aim of attending a rave is to embrace the music, make new friends and have a great time, and creating a checklist that takes all your requirements into account ensures that this is the case every time.