Five ways to wear a Graphic tee

The humble graphic tee turns out to be one of the most underrated assets of your wardrobe. As summers pass away, it is mostly hidden away underneath several warmer layers. However, that does not mean that you should neglect them, you should aim at paying more attention to this staple outfit more often while keeping your styling on point. 

You should aim at keeping things simple and plain –as much as possible. With a graphic tee, you can go forward and achieve both the basic look as well as the designer look –that’s how flexible they are! All you are required to do is to be aware of how to style your graphic tee and you’ll be ready to rock any look! 

The Rise of the Graphic Tees

In recent times, the trend of adorning streetwear has been extremely popular amongst millennials. This is the era wherein graphic prints have come back in a highly desirable and accessible way. Legacy fashion giants featuring iconic logos, prints, and emblems have only elevated the overall trend by placing the respective designs at the forefront of the latest collections. This has reclaimed the graphic t-shirts to serve as a simple way of adding identity to any given look.

How to Style the Graphic Tee?

If you own some graphic tees, here are some innovative and fashionable ways to bring graphic tees into your day-to-day style:

  1. Nail the Overall Fit: One of the most important aspects to consider while styling your tee is its overall fit. Make sure that the graphic t-shirt that you are wearing is not too long or too big. You would like to go for something that will contour to your body accordingly. The overall fit of the tee tends to be perfect when you are capable of pinching (not pulling) around 1-2 inches of fabric on both sides of the stomach. As far as the overall length of the tee is concerned, it should be ending around your hips. 
  1. Select Wisely: You can come across both good as well as bad graphic tees out there. For selecting the right graphic tee, you should look into the message that it wishes to convey – whether textual or pictorial. The base of a great graphic tee is either black or white. This is because a graphic tee is expected to express whatever you wish to see. With such simple backgrounds, there are no distractions and complete attention is given to the message.
  1. Apply Layers: A white or solid black base of the graphic tee makes it simpler to layer the same with other clothing in your wardrobe. You can try out the same with a lean jacket, a button-up, a pullover, a sports jacket, or even a blazer for an everlasting impression. As the graphic tee appears to be too casual, you should aim at dressing it up to a specific point. Still, for an elegant appearance, you can even layer up the same with a suit. 
  1. Wear the Right Footwear: The right shoe to adorn with a graphic tee is something you should try out casually. Pair your look with classic jeans instead of trousers to look exceptionally cool.
  1. Style up with Accessories: You can have a lot of fun by accessorizing your graphic tee to the fullest. There are several options available out there. You can try a hat to make you appear sleek and cool. Otherwise, if your graphic tee has some colors, you can even consider picking those colors in your belt or bands. 

Your graphic tee is part of your wardrobe and look, so make sure you get it right and pull off that look!