Helen Lee Schifter’s Beauty Trends In 2021

After the many changes that came with 2020, it is no surprise to see many new beauty trends emerging for the new year. People have to rethink the way they present themselves in order to be noticed or make a statement. As people are looking too fashionable, like Helen Lee Schifter, for advice. Her expertise in the fashion industry has given her the utmost amount of confidence in developing trends for the next year. Many audiences look for Schifter as a fashion advisor, according to Elle Decor. 

Due to the pandemic, masks now cover at least the lower half of everyone’s face, people will be looking to the eyes to make an impression. This will include dramatic eye makeup such as bold, colorful eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Bright oranges, pinks, yellows, greens, and reds will be a way for some to show their personalities when they can’t show their smiles. Aside from the colors, people will be adding, sparkles, gemstones, feathers, and more to create an even more unique look. Helen enjoys wearing bright colors in minimalist ways. Her color palette changes from season to season as most do.

Tutorials for such looks will be found everywhere on the web or YouTube. From candy land to bird of prey, there is no limit to the outrageous palettes people will be using to decorate their eyes. On another note, smoky eyes and thick eyeliner will also be trending for those who want to show a sleeker, darker side. Either way one may go, self-expression will be the goal. Schifter highly recommends trying different products to best accentuate the person’s natural features. Many will be getting extra creative in displaying his or her personal style as well as artistic talents. In addition, some will also be focusing on the eyebrows. Due to the exaggerated eye makeup, another beauty trend dominating 2021 will be minimalistic eyebrows. 

The big and bushy are out and the sleek and small are back in town. As for below the face, people are back to the bold statement looks with eye-popping floral patterns, colorful and textured coats, and tie-dye apparel. The designers are staying away from the soft, feminine florals and leaning into the bright yellow and neon colors for large flower prints. The finishing touch on any outfit will be including a coat of vivid color and pattern or some may choose just to make the entire outfit a multicolor ensemble. 

According to Schifter, the year 2021 will be the year to really stand out after a previous year of staying inside. It is time for individualism to shine and impressions to be made. For those who don’t want to make such a statement though, a simpler look will also be trending. From sweater vests to scarfs, or more classically pants, khaki and shades of tan are making their presence known in the fashion world. Combining these neutral tones with any simple outfit will create a more chic look for casual. Netting is also making its way into the more subtle sense of fashion. While it serves no purpose of warmth, it will add another dramatic feature to one’s wardrobe. Adding a netted vest or skirt to an outfit will be just the thing to turn heads while out and about. 

Altogether, 2021 seems to be the year beauty and fashion will be catching everyone’s attention with eye makeup looks or even fashionable masks. Sifter recommends self-expressing through different colors and masks. When people are wearing color-coordinated outfits or even cute masks, there is much more confidence a person possesses. As people are changing their outfits merely to mimic the colors of a favorite mask, there is a greater chance they will feel better. Schifter has told outlets like Space Coast Daily that a positive self-image is a very complex subject. It’s critical to her that people continue expressing themselves through beauty or fashion no matter what the pandemic causes. With mindfulness and mental wellness being down due to the virus, it can be easy to get caught up in the terrors of the world. Nevertheless, that is why Schifter uses fashion as her personal form of expression.