How to Select the Right Fabric for Your Custom Suit

When you want to make an impact with your appearance, there’s nothing like a custom tailored suit to make you look your best and boost your confidence. But you’ll want to customize your suit according to the situations you’ll be wearing it for: Does it need to be formal, or more casual? Lightweight or heavy? Do you want it to have a business look, or a luxury feel?

Which fabric you should choose for your custom suit will depend on all these factors. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular fabrics used for luxury suits.

Popular Fabrics for Suits


Wool and wool blends are the fabrics most commonly used in high-end men’s suits. Wool has the reputation of being heavy and warm, but wool blends can also be surprisingly lightweight and cool in the right blend. Wool can be woven to create different patterns, such as checks, pinstripes, and plaids, and it’s great for business, luxury, or casual suits. It will often come with a Super count denoting the micron count, generally in the range between 100 and 200. The higher the Super count, the softer the material is and the more luxurious it’s considered to be; however, fabric with a higher Super count may also wear out faster, so take that into consideration when choosing the type of wool to use in your custom suit.


Linen is another popular choice for suits, especially summer wear or suits that need to be lightweight. It is very breathable and comfortable. One quality that could be a negative is that linen tends to crease easily; however, that’s not a problem if you’re going for an informal, intentionally dishevelled look. Linen suits are generally more informal, so they’re not ideal for all formal situations. But for comfortable and lightweight daywear, linen is one of the best options available.


Cotton suits are very versatile and can be suited for a variety of situations and occasions. Cotton is a natural fabric that is usually less expensive than wool or linen, so it can be a good option for many people. It’s an affordable fabric that still exudes confidence, and it can be a good fabric to choose for a casual suit, although it does wrinkle more than wool.


Polyester is the most affordable fabric on this list because it’s a synthetic instead of natural material; however, that compromise makes it a cheap-looking and -feeling fabric. Although it is versatile and affordable, and it’s often used in lower-end suits, it is not recommended for a custom suit. If you’re going to spend the money on creating a quality suit tailored for you, it’s worth spending a little more for a really quality material too.


Cashmere is known for its soft-to-the-touch feel and the luxury it’s associated with. It’s certainly one of the most costly fabrics on this list, but the quality it delivers is very impressive and won’t let you down. Cashmere can be used in a blend with wool to create an unparalleled comfort and softness.


Silk is another fabric that’s very light and breathable. Alongside linen, it’s one of the most popular fabrics for people buying custom suits in warmer parts of the world. Silk blends deliver more in the way of luxury than fabrics such as linen, so they’re perfect for formal warm-weather occasions.


Dinner jackets are often made from velvet because velvet suits are usually associated with special occasions. They’re certainly not for casual gatherings, and they don’t tend to be used in work or business contexts, but a velvet jacket can be just the right touch for a formal party or gathering.

That’s what you need to know about a few of the most popular fabrics used in custom-made suits. Now have fun customizing your suit and looking great in it!

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