How to Stay Warm and Stylish During New York Winters

Helen Schifter absolutely adores dressing in heavy coats, with trendy knitted hats and lengthy scarves that flow to her ankles. She would drape her favorite pattern of plaid across her neck and allowed it to dangle to her waistline as she slipped a navy blue pea coat over her blouse. By keeping the scarf tucked inside of the coat, she stayed warm and fashionable.

A lovely pair of red boots to complete the outfit. Thick, woolen socks help keep her body heat insulated. A thick pair of socks that stay underneath a pair of cute boots allows the fashionista side of her to thrive in this colder weather. That way, when one parade’s themselves up and down the streets of their city, they can be the center of the attention.

Keeping patterns light and spirits high is another excellent way to stay in good temperature and the height of fashion culture. Remember to only blend patterns if you can make such a thing look seamless and confident. Society has harsh rules for fashion, and one must break and transcend these rules in order to lead such society into another echelon of decadence.

In other words, one must be brave. Helen Schifter is no stranger to brave fashion decisions. In front of an audience of her peers, she defied all standards and safety measures placed on women’s fashion. Confronted by an appalled mass of twenty-somethings, she placed one mismatched boot in front of the other, accompanied by a thick pair of alpaca-wool pants of a bright red shade. Her sweater was composed of a silken midnight blue fabric that glowed in the dark.

In other words, she was stunning. A remarkable display, she shone brilliantly as her freak flag cascaded down upon the streets of New York City. Here, she was warm. Here, she was free. Free to be her own courageous self in defiance of the desolate weather. In stark contrast to her own traditional wardrobe choices. The freedom was exhilarating, the trials before her seemed all but impossible in the breeze that ruffled her silky sweater.

Nothing could stop her as she rose to the pinnacle of fashion circles, her name whispered and shouted across rooftop gatherings and underground catwalks. A subject of envy from all, her fashion unparalleled. Chic was thrusted into the modern era, and then the postmodern era all overnight. The literal and emotional heat she carried herself with, each step melting the hearts of those that adored her.

In the end, nothing could stop her. She dressed sensibly and comfortably, and in today’s world, there is no greater fashion than that which makes you feel like yourself. The kind of clothing that society can’t stop you from wearing. The outfit that you hold tightly to, years after the fabrics are tattered and worn. The outfit that you love like a sibling or a well-disciplined dog. That is the greatest fashion of all.