Increase Brand Awareness with Brand Ambassadors

Apparel and garment trade shows are incredibly important to the fashion industry. Whether you’re buying for a retailer or showing your own work as a designer, these events are opportunities for you to demonstrate your skills, talent, and passion.

As a designer, you’ll have appointments with buyers all day long. You’re going to need all of the energy you can muster, and it can feel exhausting to operate your booth without additional help.

Consider hiring professional brand ambassadors to bring dynamic personality and high energy levels to your design booth at any fashion event. 

They are trained event marketers who engage with event attendees, providing positive awareness for your business.

You might be wondering: what does a brand ambassador do and how will they help me generate sales? 

Read through the following benefits of hiring ambassadors, and consider how a professional team can make your business stand out from the crowd at upcoming fashion trade shows.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors can include:

  • Models
  • DJs
  • Food & Beverage Staff
  • Production Assistants
  • Project Managers
  • And much, much more

They are people who are well-connected to the fashion and marketing industry. They are charismatic individuals, and excellent promotors who attendees naturally gravitate toward.  

Before any event, professional ambassadors will research every detail of your business so that they can speak to it with confidence and ease. Their main intention is to increase your brand visibility.  

Brand Ambassadors Bring Personality 

According to a recent study, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendation and only 14% trust advertisements. People prefer to engage with authentic human beings. We are more likely to believe individuals who truly believe in products and services and who likely have less at stake than a business owner.

Models are excellent ambassadors, because they are already well immersed and knowledgeable in the fashion industry, and their recognizable qualities will capture the attention of attendees and buyers. 

Brand Ambassadors are Well-Connected and will Amplify Social Reach 

Professional ambassadors already have a vibrant online presence, and are well-connected within professional industry networks. 

They might be fashion bloggers or have a strong following on Twitter or Instagram. By customizing a social media content schedule before, during, and after your event, these advocates will direct traffic to your social profiles, website, and ultimately to your event display booth, qualifying leads and achieving sales.

Brand Ambassadors Create a Community

People love to be part of a community. When a company establishes a sense of community amongst its target audience, it reinforces a sense of belonging and establishes an emotional connection.

Friendly ambassadors create a welcoming environment at your display booth. They exhibit sincere passion, and their magnetic energy builds excitement and buzz for your business. 

Brand awareness and loyalty is created because attendees will remember the friendly interactions with your staff and they will want to share it with friends and loved ones.For your next fashion event, stand out from the crowd with a team of professional and charismatic brand ambassadors. You’ll be sure to champion the competition with an enticing display booth, and with the amount of people at your display booth, you and your staff won’t have time to feel exhausted — you’ll be too busy filling orders!