Men’s Loafers: Are They Right for Me?

If you apply a few simple rules, you will be able to wear stylish looking loafers. Men’s loafers are comfortable shoes that can be worn casually or on more formal occasions. Loafers are often made of suede, leather, or sometimes other materials.

Are Men’s Loafers Right for You?

High-quality loafers can be worn with almost anything: with or without socks, with more formal shirts or dressed down with a plain T-shirt, etc. There are many benefits that this footwear brings:

  • You can take them off or put them on easily and quickly;
  • They don’t require any tying or lacing which makes them convenient;
  • These shoes are versatile, and you can include them in casual and smart-casual outfits;
  • They make you look sleek and elegant while also helping you feel comfortable.

If you’re a modern man with an active lifestyle, but you still want to keep a sharp appearance, then loafers should definitely be part of your wardrobe. 

How Should You Wear Loafers?

Loafers are the best because there are only a few other elements that have this high level of trendiness. Here are some cool ideas on how you can style them.

a. Wear Them with Jeans

Paring loafers with jeans allows you to feature a dressier look while still feeling comfortable and having a relaxed attitude. To create the optimal look, make sure your blue jeans are on the shorter side. Baggy jeans or too long ones are out of the question. Ripped or washed jeans can also do the trick. Your loafers should have a contrasting color to stand out. 

b. Mix Loafers with Blazers 

For a stylish killer look, you should opt for a blazer and loafers combination. This way, you will achieve a smart-casual appearance. Throw a pair of chinos or some trousers in the mix to complete the outfit. Once again, you must consider the length of your pants as well as their color. Underneath the blazer, you could wear a fitted T-shirt to achieve an informal look. 

c. Pair Loafers with Chinos 

This is a killer combination that will attract all eyes. Warm evenings and summer events are the ideal occasion to wear your loafers with a pair of chinos. The most popular chinos are beige, navy, and khaki. 

Brighter trousers can also work, but they must match whatever loafers you are wearing. As for your shirt, you can never go wrong with a polo. You can also wear your loafers with no socks or with no-show socks which will leave you comfortable but give your loafers the appearance of being worn without socks—it’s the best of both worlds!

d. Try Short Pants and Loafers 

If you’re feeling courageous and it is scorching outside, you should give loafers and shorts a well-deserved try. It is a risky option, but if you do it right, it is worth it. Tailored shorts that are right above the knee mixed with a fitted shirt and a simple belt are all the elements you will need for this outfit. 

Main Men’s Loafer Styles 

There are several available loafer styles. Based on your outfit of choice, you should wisely choose the type of loafers you’re about to wear. 

a. Breezy Loafers

This footwear is the sportier version of all loafers. These are perfect for when you want to walk long distances, or you could simply use them as your go-to everyday wear. With them, you will get a playful vibe. 

b. Loungy Loafers

Loungy loafers are dressier alternatives. You can wear them to meetings and other workweek-related activities. They have a good grip so you can quickly move around the city. Sleek shapes and breathable aesthetics should also be considered. 

c. Dressy Loafers 

Formal shoes can now be comfy with more fashionable loafers. Pick ones that are made of natural fabrics to allow your feet to breathe. Those that have easy-slip access are the best, and they help you create a timeless and fashionable outfit. 


All types of men’s loafers can look great on you as long as you know how to mix and match different clothes and styles. They are comfy, stylish, and versatile.

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