Men’s Style Guide to Athleisure Wear

A Little History

Men’s athleisure is the wave of the future. Men you can thank the women out there for this trend in fashion. 

It all started off when women started wearing yoga pants. More precisely when they started wearing yoga pants outside the studio.

It wasn’t that long ago when it started becoming common to see women walking around in town wearing their yoga pants.

After a while and some judgment later it started to become acceptable.

After all it was very comfortable for the women and men didn’t seem to have a problem with those form fitting yoga pants. 

Soon after society started accepting this men’s athleisure was born. After all, why couldn’t men wear comfortable clothing around town? 

For many decades men basically had two options. Either dress business in a suit or dress pants and collared shirt or wear jeans and a T-shirt.

Although jeans and T-shirts May be comfortable there was still room for improvement. 

Why Now?

Years later we now have advancements in clothing materials and technology. There are now new synthetic fabrics which compose athletes your wear. 

These fabrics consist of nylon, polyester, lycra and more. Some athleisure wear has even been infused with silver. 

The implementation of silver in these clothing materials provides an anti-odor protection.

Ways to Wear Athleisure 

Now that men’s athleisure wear has become a popular trend and acceptable fashion, men are seeking new ways to wear it. 

One new and popular look is joggers paired with sneakers and hoodies. 

The trick is to find joggers that are form fitting and don’t necessarily look like sweats. You may find that some joggers are more styling than others.

They come in a variety of different colors which allow you to pair them with different colored sneakers. 

This can be quite fun and you will soon find you will be stocking up on your athleisure arsenal. 

Another great addition to this look are jackets. Many men are adding bomber and denim jackets to their athleisure wear. 

If you aren’t into the jogger look it is suggested to try men’s athleisure leisure chino pants. These pants will replace suit pants for other tight uncomfortable dress pants. 

They have a form fitting look while at the same time giving men space down there to breathe. 

They consist of a stretchy material which allows them to be active during the day.

Believe it or not collared shirts are now part of men’s athleisure wear when it comes to the same stretchy comfortable material. 

There are now athleisure companies making men’s collared dress shirts. 

These dress shirts look exactly like a normal dress shirt but they hug the body more. Complementing it while at the same time creating breathable comfort.

Add Layers

Zip up pullovers are also a great addition to the men’s athleisure style. The zip pullover may be used as a sweater replacement.

Just throw on a zip pullover and you’ve got yourself both a casual and dressed look. 

It’s a more casual look when paired with a T-shirt but if you want a more dressier look then wear a collared shirt underneath. 

If you prefer a more tailored look then go ahead and add a tie. 

With the addition of so many men’s wardrobe pieces in athleisure wear you can practically wear it everyday for most occasions. 

This is a huge innovation in fashion for men. Men now have more than the basic two looks of suits, jeans and T-shirt. 

Men’s athleisure wear is not going anywhere!  In fact it’s just starting to take off! We can’t wait to see what’s more to come.