Popular Types of Hair Removal

If you have any unwanted hair anywhere on your body, you probably deal with hair removal of some type. You may be surprised by how many kinds of hair removal there actually are. 


Shaving is the most common type of hair removal, practiced by thousands of people for many years. There are all kinds of different razors available, but the principle remains the same. Blades push against your skin and slice the hair off at the skin level. When done properly, shaving is completely painless and quite effective. However, the hair grows back very quickly. 

Some people find that they only have to shave every few days, while others may need to shave twice a day to maintain hair-free skin. Shaving can also cause ingrown hairs when the hair tries to grow back and can’t get through the surface of the skin. This is especially common with the thick hairs in the bikini area and under the armpit. 

Most of the time, when people are looking for an alternative to the hair removal system they’re using currently, it is shaving that they are looking for an alternative to.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams have been popular for a number of years with vaired results. Some people have horror stories of creams causing a lot of pain and rashes, while other people find that they work very effectively and are incredibly easy to use. 

These creams work by using chemicals to dissolve the hair shaft. As you might imagine, this is not the most natural way to approach hair removal. Many people worry about the effect of these chemicals on their bodies, but in general, they do seem to be safe as long as you are not extra sensitive or allergic to the ingredients.

You should always test hair removal cream on a small area of your body before using it over more parts. Different creams are designed for different types of hair in different parts of your body, so do your research before choosing a cream. How long hair removal lasts after using the hair removal cream depends on how quickly your hair grows and how thoroughly the product worked to dissolve your hair. 

Some people may need to reapply in a few days, while others may be able to go a couple of weeks before seeing the hair grow back. Many people find the hair grows back weaker after this treatment, which may make removing it easier the next time.


This is a very old technique for removing hair, which is still popular today. The primary advantage of waxing is how long it lasts and how natural it is. Waxing uses nothing other than entirely natural hot wax to grip the hair and rip it from your skin. As you might imagine, this is a fairly painful process. 

For many people, the pain of waxing means that it isn’t an acceptable option for hair removal, especially over large areas. Waxing can be done at home with kits, but it takes a fair amount of skill and precise knowledge of both wax and hair to do it properly, so many people choose to have it done at the salon, which may be fairly expensive. 

Some people may choose to only use wax on smaller areas like the hair on the upper lip or the bikini area. Be sure that you never use wax if you use particular types of prescription acne creams since it may actually cause the wax to pull your skin off. 

Intense Pulsed Light

This is a newer strategy for hair removal, which is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and safety for many people. Intense pulsed light hair removal, or IPL, works by emitting different light wavelengths through the skin to several depths. This light works on the melanin in the hair, weakening it and eventually breaking down the structure of the hair. 

It is not effective on the very darkest skin tones or very lightest hair, but for many people, it may be a great solution to hair removal. Within three or four treatments, which can be done safely and easily at home with a handheld device, many people see a reduction in hair. 

By a dozen or so treatments, the hair may be entirely removed and can be maintained with regular treatments. The treatment is not pain-free, but it is certainly not as painful or error-prone as waxing or hair removal creams can be.

Choose the Hair Removal for your Needs

Different kinds of hair removal work better for different people. People with very dark hair may benefit from a different technique than people with very light hair. 

People with different skin tones may find different techniques work better for them. Experiment with various kinds of hair removal to find the tactics that work best for you.