Why Luxury Leather Wallets Are the Ideal Holiday Gift

A wallet is one of the classic gifts for a man. Wallets can be elegant, and one of the only things that every person needs. 

Knowing the taste and style of the person you are buying for will help. Does this person like classic materials like leather, or do they prefer modern materials? Leather is classic and will always seem upscale. If you choose to buy a leather wallet, there are some guidelines.

There are Many Styles of Leather Wallet

Leather wallets come in many different shapes and finishes. The most classic options are either bi or tri-fold wallets. Bifold wallets are a little larger than a dollar bill folded in half. These wallets allow for a thinner wallet, but one that has a larger overall shape. This is a very traditional style of wallet, often carried by older men.

The purpose of the design of bi-fold and tri-fold wallets is to allow you to carry cards, IDs, and cash. The shape is based around a folded dollar bill and is thus sized based on a dollar. Many men now do not carry cash in their wallets, or if they do, they use a separate money clip. 

If the man you are buying for does not put cash in his wallet, there are now very nice slim designs called card carrier wallets that are a flat piece of leather with slots for cards. The downside to this design is that they don’t allow for cash to be carried at all. 

Trifold Wallets

Trifold wallets are shaped like a dollar bill folded into thirds. These wallets are smaller, making them fit into a pocket better. 

The downside of this is that folding into thirds makes them run very thick. If a man carries his wallet in his back pocket, this can make for uncomfortable sitting. Tri-fold wallets look a little more casual and typically skew a little younger than bi-fold wallets.

Bifold Wallets

Bifold wallets have two sections and can be folded up. The two sections give it the name ‘bifold.” Because it is folded once rather than twice, bifold wallets tend to be slimmer than the trifold design. This also depends on what is contained in the wallet. Since there are two rather than three sections, bi-folds may not be able to hold as many cards, but they have a thinner look and are slim enough to carry comfortably in a trouser pocket. 

Slim ID Wallets

These are an alternative to the bulkier bi and trifold types of wallets. The centerpiece of the wallet is a transparent slot that holds the ID card for easy and quick display when needed. Behind this section are slots that hold credit cards. This wallet is very economical in terms of space and that means it cannot hold a large number of cards, bills, or receipts. Slim ID wallets are for the man who has a minimalist approach to carrying items. Brain Farm sells a slim carbon fiber wallet perfect fo those looking for a quality slim wallet

Travel Wallets

When traveling abroad it is always important to locate and present a passport when required, which is often. A regular-sized wallet can’t accommodate a passport, which is a relatively large piece of ID. A special passport wallet is an ideal gift for the world traveler on your list. 

Modern Wallets Can Combine Features

There are modern wallets that combine the slim form factor of card carrier wallets with the flexibility to carry cash when needed. Since the wallet hasn’t had a redesign since the cell phone first started taking up pocket space, it is nice that there are companies designing wallets with this in mind. 

Another important function of modern wallets is RFID protection. Most credit and debit cards now have RFID chips to allow for things like touchless payment. Modern RFID wallets protect from scanners that can reveal your card info to passersby. 

There is one problem with RFID wallets; since they are made of metal they tend to be very modern and inorganic looking. While many men enjoy a more modern tech-savvy look, many men prefer something more elegant. 

Fortunately, companies are producing modern leather wallets that look nice, can hold cash and cards, and still have RFID protection. There are also many new features being built in that didn’t exist five or ten years ago.

Modern wallets can have tracker chips, making it possible to find a lost phone in seconds with your cell phone. With a tracker, you can ping your wallet and make it ring from its hiding place when you drop it under the couch or behind the coffee maker. They also have other functions like quick-release card sleeves and slim designs. 

In summary, a modern leather wallet can look elegant, while still providing the protection needed in the world of RFID scanners. It is fully possible to provide the classic gift of a wallet, that is also technologically interesting and offers new functions.