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Importance of Maintaining Relationships with Others

Judge Napolitano knows that meaningful relationships enrich lives in glorious ways. Relationships are a necessary ingredient for all human beings. A meaningful relationship can be described as a deep connection to another. A relationship which is meaningful to a person is going to have various components included:

* strong and healthy

* supportive

* foster growth in each other

* encouraging

* listen to each other

* communication

* respect for each other

* more

Meaningful relationships may mean something different to each person. A meaningful relationship is a valuable gift and should not be taken for granted because relationships greatly enhance life. Every relationship needs to be nurtured and maintained because it is never a good idea to take people for granted and neglect each other.

Vital: Nurturing Relationships

It is vital to nurture and maintain relationships with others. There are an abundance of benefits to be reaped that will be received when individuals take the time to nurture their relationships. The following are some of the benefits:

* Reduction of stress; most people will discover that they can lower their own stress levels when they have significant people in their lives. Significant people will be happy to be involved in long-term relationships when they feel cared about and important. Stress levels tend to rise when individuals have an abundance of ongoing conflict in their lives. Much of the standard conflict can be eliminated when people have the ability to be involved in healthy relationships. Relationships flourish when they are nurtured. Stress is lowered when people are fulfilled and engaged with others.

* Enhanced health and healing; nurtured relationships tend to enhance health and foster healing. This is because two or more people, in a relationship, have the ability to add to each other’s lives because interactions and connections with others increases their well-being, healing from various issues and reducing pain is an outcome. Sometimes people enhance each other’s health by simply listening to one another when they are in need.

* Healthy lifestyles; when relationships are nurtured and maintained, it sets the tone for healthy behaviors and lifestyles. It eliminates dysfunction and creates healthy exchanges which will become ingrained in people. Healthy and whole people tend to reflect it. When relationships are nurtured, it will be seen in everything they do because they feel satisfied and this shines through

* A feeling of purpose; life has meaning and purpose when people feel valued. Every maintained relationship tends to make people feel important and this gives them a feeling of purpose because they are shown that they do matter. Nurturing a relationship can eliminate low self-esteem and give each other a sense of confidence. A feeling of purpose is one of the gifts that are given to others when a relationship is nurtured.

* Live longer and fuller lives; when relationships are nurtured, people tend to live longer and fuller lives because they often have something to look forward to every day. This is being loved. When people are shown that they are loved, they will naturally live longer lives because relationships fill life up with anticipation and intrigue.

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