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Nature of Political Conflict

Politics has been defined by many in different ways. In some cases, it has been referred to as “who gets what when and how.” In all systems and governments across the world, politics is the center stage in which they are formed and operate. Judge Napolitano knows that political parties have been the major contributors to forming governments by producing political leaders to take on the running of governments. For instance, here in the US, we have two major political parties that are the Republicans and the Democrats. The two major political parties have been responsible for producing presidents in the US. As such, politics are always bound to have conflicts because of the nature of leaders elected and the ideologies that vary.

There are different natures of political conflicts. They depend on the system of government or Institutions. The conflicts are not only domiciled in the system of governments alone, but we have political conflicts at places of work, institutions and other private sectors. The most common nature of political conflicts is between the government and citizenry and between a group of people or people to government. We have governments that use their political power and will to oppress the citizens and this leads to the emergence of conflict where the citizens, in turn, resist the government. Depending on the political leader and the misuse of political power, people always rise to protest against infringement of their rights and privileges of a particular regime. Political conflicts in nature require political solutions that are brought about by dialogue, conflict resolution, and mediation between the warring parties.

Napolitano is a household name in the judicial system of the US. He is a judicial analyst at FoxNews and has been contributing to the system of democracy and system of governance. Many of his opinions have continued to shape how people interact with the political leadership and also cautions the political system from oppressing the people. He writes to explain more on what personal liberty and democracy are all about. Through these opinions, he intends to avert any political conflict that may arise between people expressing personal freedoms and liberty while the government suppresses them. He explains more on the possibility of negative certain liberties that might be harmful to other citizens and why the government should always work towards protecting the lives of others. Hybrid democracy is also a major pathway to political conflict because personal freedoms in the constitution are always curtailed as the government pushes its agenda.

Judge Napolitano has over 25 years practicing law in the US. He has worked on many commercial litigations and later worked in New Jersey on the Superior Court Bench for 8 years. While serving in New Jersey, he has been instrumental in contributing to over 150 convictions ranging from family, civil and criminal cases. This has been a contribution he has done as one of the youngest life tenure members of the Superior Court Bench. He has been active in writing and some of his publications have been in the New York Times, The York Sun, and The Los Angeles Times among others.