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3 Excellent Reasons to Undergo a Necklift

Cosmetic surgery is intended to improve the appearance and ensure people are happier with the way they look. If you are considering the idea of having some work done on the face, don’t overlook the possibility of undergoing a procedure to improve the appearance of the neck. The right necklift procedure can help with a number of issues. Here are a few examples.

Getting Rid of Neck Fat

Having fat accumulate in the neck does tend to distort the look of the face and upper body. People who have double and triple chins may want to consider talking with a plastic surgeon about the benefits of a necklift. In this particular approach, the goal is to remove the excess fat and tighten the skin. When paired with a facelift or even an eyebrow lift, the result can be to help the person look considerably younger.

Keep in mind that some necklifts are relatively non-invasive procedures. This is especially true when the skin still has a higher level of elasticity and the goal is to remove excess fat. If you’ve been concerned about how long it will take to recover from the procedure, talk with the surgeon. You may be surprised at how quickly the healing occurs after this particular form of necklift.

Saying Goodbye to Excess Skin

Perhaps you’ve lost weight and it shows in your face and neck. Just as you would want to undergo a facelift to remove some of the excess skin, having a plastic surgeon do the same for the neck is a good idea. In the best-case scenario, the two procedures can be done at the same time. Assuming the underlying muscles are relatively taut, it won’t take long for you to recover from the procedure and look much like you did before gaining the excess weight.

A professional can examine the neck and determine how much skin needs to be removed. By considering the amount of elasticity still present, the professional is able to determine how much to remove and ensure that the necklift procedure leaves the patient with a natural look.

Undoing Damage

Perhaps you have neck skin that’s damaged from years of excessive exposure to the sun. There are a few lines and maybe a flap or two that reminds you of a turkey wattle every time you look in the mirror. the great thing is that the right procedure performed by a plastic surgeon can reverse that damage. Once the healing is finished, the skin is smooth and soft to the touch. Best of all, nothing flops around when you turn your head.

Are you a candidate for a necklift procedure? The only way to know for sure is to visit a cosmetic surgeon and undergo an examination. Consider what sort of outcome you want and the range of procedures the surgeon would employ to achieve the desired results. Once you know what to expect during and after the surgery, it will be easier to determine if this cosmetic solution is right for you.