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4 Excellent Reasons to Seek Out a Cosmetic Dentist

Looking in the mirror and not liking the way your teeth look is a daily occurrence for many people. Fortunately, no one has to live with less than perfect teeth. All it takes is conducting a quick online search using a phrase like “find a Markham dentist near me today,” and you will be on your way to a beautiful smile. Here are a few reasons to conduct that search right this minute.


You’ve Broken a Few Teeth During an Accident

Fortunately, all Markham cosmetic dentists know how to deal with this type of issue. If repairing the teeth will not work, there is the possibility of replacing them with implants. The dental professional can recommend individual implants or possibly an All on Four solution, depending on how much damage is present.


Crooked Teeth Make You Hesitate to Smile

It’s true you’ve lived a number of years with teeth that are less than straight. Those crooked teeth make you hesitate to smile or take part in activities where people might notice them. As a result, you’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities, including the chance to try out for a promotion or two.

Choosing to ask friends “can you recommend a Markham dentist near me who does cosmetic work?” is the first step to straightening those teeth. From different types of braces to clear aligners, there is a solution that will work for you. In as little as six months, you could be sporting a perfectly straight set of teeth.


Your Teeth Can’t Pass the Tissue Test

You’ve heard of the tissue test, but are not sure what it means. It’s a simple test that involves holding a white facial tissue up to your mouth and comparing it with the hue of your teeth. If the level of white is close to that of the tissue, all is well. If your teeth are noticeably duller than the tissue, that means you have yellowing and need some type of treatment.

Markham cosmetic dentists have the resources and the ability to safely whiten your teeth. By having treatments done under the care of a professional, you can ensure the teeth are not damaged and you end up with a smile that’s not overly white.


There’s Not Much Enamel Left

Enamel should last a lifetime, but poor dental hygiene paired with consuming acidic foods can erode this important coating. When your teeth don’t have much enamel left, they are more likely to break down and require removal. The good news is that Markham cosmetic dentists can use veneers and other treatments to provide a measure of protection for those teeth. At the same time, the veneers help to restore more of a white appearance to your teeth.

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look? Don’t live with the condition a moment longer! Ask friends or search online for information about “a Markham dentist near me” today and schedule an examination. The solution to your problem may be easier and simpler than you think.

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