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4 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Dental Implants

What should you do when your real teeth are no longer in great shape? There are several alternatives that you can consider. Your family cosmetic dentist is urging you to look into the possibility of getting implants. Are there really advantages to choosing this approach? The answers to these questions will help you find out.

Is There More Than One Kind of Dental Implant?
As you and your dental professional discuss possible options, there’s something you will learn about dental implants that may surprise you. There’s actually more than one implant solution.
You already know about individual implants. They fit directly into the sockets left once real teeth are extracted. Once in position, they are topped with a cap or crown that’s shaped to resemble a real tooth. While this approach can take some time, there’s no doubting that the results are worth it.
There’s also the option of what’s known as All on Four implants. This approach involves inserting four implants in the upper and lower jaws, then attaching a dental plate to those implants. This approach takes much less time and the pricing may be more to your liking.
Why Implants Instead of Dentures?
One of the questions you have may be what makes implants a better choice than dentures. As your family cosmetic dentist will explain, dentures rest on the top and sides of the gums. They are held in position with adhesives that have to be applied at least daily. More importantly, they do nothing to help maintain the contours of your gums. Ultimately, there is enough shrinkage that the lower part of your face looks a little sunken in when the dentures are not being worn.
Implants of all types help to maintain the natural shape of the gums and by association your jaw line. Individual implants fill in the spaces vacated by your natural teeth and continue to perform the same function of keeping the shape of the gums intact. Even the All on Four approach will help maintain the natural contours.
How Will I Take Care of My Implants?
Taking care of dental implants is much like taking care of real teeth. You will still brush after meals and use mouthwash whenever you like. Some dentists will recommend using floss while others will discourage this part of the daily routine. If you do use floss, be careful to not graze the gum, since implants don’t have the natural protective layer that’s found at the base of real teeth.
In terms of dental visits, you will still come in for an annual exam. Cleanings once or twice a year is also essential. Just like real teeth, bacteria and residue can collect on and between the individual implants or around the edges of the plates used with the All on Four solution. The cleanings also provide another chance to determine if there is any issue developing with the gums.
Will They Really Last That Long?
As your family cosmetic dentist will explain, implants of all types have a much longer life than a set of dentures. In fact, you may keep the same implants and caps for the rest of your life.
Seriously consider dental implants as the ideal replacement for your real teeth. Once they are in position and you see the results, you’ll know that you made the right decision.