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4 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Hernia Belt

Your doctor has confirmed that you have a hernia. While surgery will take place sometime in the future, you need relief now. Many people find that wearing hernia belts prevents the condition from getting worse and also makes it less painful. If you are about to purchase your first belt, here are some things that you need to keep in mind.


Where is the Hernia Located?

When your doctor diagnosed you with a hernia, the medical professional also identified the location and the size of the problem. That’s important, because some belts and other support devices are designed to support larger or smaller areas. Since you want something that helps to reinforce that weakened abdominal wall, it makes sense to ask your doctor to suggest the best belt design. Armed with that information you can head to a medical supplies store and find something that will provide the maximum amount of relief and support.


Think About Your Lifestyle

Do you spend most of your time sitting at a desk? Perhaps you are the type who is constantly moving. The specifics of your lifestyle will influence the types of hernia belts that are best for you. When you talk about belts with your doctor, expect to receive a few easy suggestions on what will work best.

For example, people who lead more active lifestyles will need something that is more lightweight and has a higher level of flexibility. Those same qualities work well when the weather is warmer and the patient wants to get in some sort of workout a few times a week. By contrast, someone who sits for most of the day and is not particularly active after work would likely need a belt that’s heavier and provides more ongoing support to the groin and abdominal area.


Prescription or Non-Prescription Belt?

Some belt designs will require a prescription. Others can be obtained over the counter. Depending on the location and the severity of the hernia, your doctor may recommend you go with a specific design that requires a prescription. If one of the over the counter designs will work make sure you only choose one that has the qualities recommended by your health care professional. The medical supplies store will have several non-prescription designs and one of them is bound to be in line with your doctor’s suggestions.


Selecting the Proper Size

It’s not just the size and location of the hernia that matter. Choosing one that is the proper size for your body type is also important. The fit should allow you to move with a degree of freedom without restricting your range of motion. It must also remain in place so that the maximum amount of support is maintained. The associates at the medical supplies store can help you choose the right belt size based on your build.

Some people wear hernia belts for years before having surgery. Others continue to wear them while recovering from surgery. Whatever your situation, make sure you invest in the right type of belt. In the long run, you will avoid complications and be able to enjoy life a little more.

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