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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Treating Their Back Pain

At some point, most people have suffered from some serious back pain issues. Lower back pain is the most common health complaint. Almost everyone has it, and it is an ongoing issue for many people which cause them discomfort in life.

The pain would make you do almost anything to feel relief. Everyone has their own sets of home remedies and treatments to get rid of the back pain, but not all of these solutions are effective in helping you.

Besides, some of the treatments might be harmful to you, which is why it is important to analyze and research before getting on with any procedure. We have compiled a list of ‘treatments’ commonly used by people with back pain issues, which often have negative consequences and end up making the pain worse. And why you should avoid them?

1. Ignoring the Pain:

There are two types of people; those who would do anything to stop the pain and, those who totally ignore that it exists. Ironic, isn’t it? They are usually the ones who have suffered from back pain for so long that they have accepted it as normal.  Another reason for ignoring the pain is, people are aware of the medicinal dangers that they would like to avoid.

Consequently, they resort to thinking that eventually, it will stop hurting on its own. It is a well-established fact that the back pain can hardly go away like that. Therefore, it’s better to do something than to ignore the issue completely.

2. Applying heat packs:

Heats packs are most commonly used remedy for an injured back.  It is suggested by almost everyone, but it’s not really ideal for back pain unless it is a chronic condition, where the patient doesn’t have any recent increase of inflammation. If you use heat packs the first couple of days after you get your back hurt,  it can have severe negative effects which can cause increased inflammation and isn’t very pleasant.

For recent injuries, a cold pack is much more ideal for providing relief to the affected area.

3. Lying down:

Doctors have advised bed rest for a backache for such a long time. But it is not an ideal remedy all the time, usually because lying down in wrong positions can be dangerous for the back rather than helpful. The patients should carry on with everyday activities and not take bed rest for more than four to five days. To get effective back pain relief, you should be thoughtful of the type of bed you lie in. Check Labor Day Mattress Deals, for ideal mattresses for your brittle back.

4. Taking the wrong drugs:

When you hurt your back or get it injured, the first instinct is to get painkillers. However, it is inadvisable to take drugs without the Doctor’s prescription. Even then, you’re more likely to get addicted to the narcotic pain drugs. The side effects hinder the possibility to cure the pain and increase the risk of addiction and should be avoided as much as possible.

Similarly, other treatments like steroid injections and popular backache pills aren’t helpful in the long run either as their effects wear off in a short time.

If you do want some medicines to alleviate pain, the best and secure way is to use generic over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or naproxen.  They’re effective and safe not to mention cheaper.

5. Failing To Identify the Root Of The Problem:

The failure to correctly classify the back pain by its real cause is another question patients as well as the Doctors neglect. It is important to figure out the underlying issue to find the right medicines for your pain. A physical exam is needed to figure out whether the patient has nonspecific low back pain or pain caused by narrowing of the spinal canal or a fracture.

Back pain might come and go but it is important to determine the true cause and treat it to avoid further complications in the long run.  Leaving a problem untreated can intensify the pain and make it stronger and difficult to cure with any pain medication.

Try to avoid making these mistakes over and over again, and get some effective precautionary measures for you back. Because health comes first also, there’s no fun in the pain. Also, you can check out Emily Lark’s Back to Life Healthy Back Program.

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