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5 important things for women to maintain their intimate health.

Why is a women’s intimate health such a taboo? In most cases, most struggle to maintain it because they aren’t even aware of what is required of them. The simple dos and don’ts. Young girls aren’t educated enough on the subject. Private parts aren’t even addressed unless you have biology as subject or awkward lectures regarding sex education. The fundamental thing of importance though is that for women hygiene is everything. Cleanliness is something that is an instant turn on, and bad odour, excess sweating makes you undesirable within a second.
It isn’t really a topic touched on, whether it is on the dinner table or privately.
Beginning with every female has a natural smell unless it’s unbearable or smells super funky. It is okay to have a slight odour; it is part of having a vagina.
It has been argued though that eating sweeter natural fruits can make your odour smell better for example pineapple. Eat right; drink lots of water, exercise or jog, that being the basics. You can further take precautions to maintain a healthier routine on a daily.
1) Not all soaps and shampoos can be used down there. Because women private parts need to have a natural PH value of 5.5. Using conventional products can disrupt that which results in the formation of bacteria, which causes itching, smelling, it can cause excess discharge and make the intimate parts more prone to yeast infections. Experts at Click Pharmacy urge women to invest in over the counter Vaginal washes like Femfresh, Vagisil etc. They are perfume free, specially designed to maintain a healthy PH and allow women to feel fresher during the day. Always wash the outer layer never the inside.
If you are always on the go you have other options more readily available to you, like travel size washes, wipes; remember to purchase ones that are made for the vaginal use as they sooth and don’t cause further issues. One important rule for wipes is always wiping front to back, never the other way around.
The external area of the vagina is called the Vulva; Fun fact the vagina is actually on the inside for women. Washes help keep it in a regulatory function.
2) Don’t wear super tight clothes, whether it is jeans or underwear. This causes a ventilation issue for your private parts and in some cases can even cause ingrown hair. The main aim is to keep the down area as dry as possible. Let’s say you just went to the gym, for a run, for a swim. Shower as soon as possible and just focus on keeping yourself clean down there. Built up moisture is the cause of infections, itching and irritation. It is unflattering for your vulva and just plain uncomfortable for you. Anything tight will cause irritation, discomfort and friction. No one wants to be reminded they have private parts to deal with ten times a day. Also, this draws attention to bulges in the woman body; camel toe, woman, tend to hunt for just the rightly fitted trousers / jeans, so there is no sign of a camel toe.
3) Cotton underwear is your go to. It is an acknowledged fact that Satin and silk are sexier, but cotton absorbs any excess build-up keeping the vagina free. Gynecologists suggest one should not wear underwear’s to bed, loose shorts, or even sleeping in your birthday suit is preferred. It airs your body’s moisture and maintains a healthy PH. Especially women going through menopause; no one wants a hot flash to pass and wake up with wet panties.
Always change your underwear at least once a day; even more times if you feel it necessary.
4) If not all your clothes wash your undergarments with hypoallergenic soaps, as this prevents contact of chemicals with your clothes. Such washes protect the skin from aggravation and allergic reactions. You can buy such washes from your local grocery stores like Sainsbury’s or even order it from Amazon. The gentle nature of the washes is good for your private parts.
5) Lastly, if you are sexually active, make sure always to pass urine after intercourse and wash thoroughly before and after sex. As this stops the spreading of any harmful contaminations. Also, urge your partner to practice good hygiene. Alongside this have post-sex snacks, which are rich in probiotics, for example, yoghurt or other fragmented foods, as this will keep the vagina healthy. Also, women need to be more cautious during menstrual periods. For cleaning use hot water, over the counter special intimate washes, and for pads and tampons make sure they are unscented. Ignore myths, which state women shouldn’t shower, just pat it dry afterwards. And in-between changing pads or tampons always be sure you have clean and sanitized hands.
Experts at Click Pharmacy urge you to see a doctor if you notice a difference in the activity of your downstairs, there is discharge; it is too thick and clumpy if there is blood when there shouldn’t be. Also if you are 21, you qualify for a Pap smear which can detect any viral infections, which can later cause cancer. This is advisable at least every three years. Slight caution and care can save you from many problems in the unseen future. Break the silence around Vaginas; keep them clean and comfortable, after all, your bodies functioning does depend on them. Age gracefully, in a healthy manner, have kids, and in every stage of life love your body and care for it.
Maintaining good intimate hygiene clears you from problems like bacterial vaginosis, thrush, irritation and other infections. Above all, it is a widespread belief the universe unfolds between a women’s legs. So take care of yourself, a healthy feeling vagina would make you feel good in return and as a bonus pleases your partner. Go be and be free.

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