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5 premium juicers and blenders on sale for Labor Day


There’s nothing like a Labor Day beach vacation to make you realize how much you’ve been slacking on your health and wellness goals. But as with all things, it’s never too late to start, and our deals on premium blenders and juicers can be your excuse to begin a healthy lifestyle this fall. Or you can use them to make delicious milkshakes. We say: you do you.

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Take your pick from this roundup of blenders and juices, all of which are now on sale:

For the smoothie purist

Image: Braun

It’s baffling that blenders can have more switches and buttons than a microwave. It’s almost as if they’re somehow imploring you to use them to make a full-course meal instead of a quick smoothie. The Braun PureMix Jug Blender saves you the headache and offers a streamlined way to prepare your drinks with only two modes. Its innovative blades and auto-pulse mode put the “smooth” in smoothies, never dishing out lumpy or chunky concoctions. It also has an accompanying Smoothie2Go cup that has its own blade set so you don’t have to waste precious time pouring. Read more…

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