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5 Professions With the Risk of Exposure to Asbestos

Believe it or not, people have used asbestos for centuries to make durable, flexible materials.

It’s a Greek word that translates as meaning “unquenchable.”
Around 2400 BC, people in Finland used asbestos to produce cooking utensils and pottery. In the late 1850s, asbestos was first used in industrial capacity in the United States.  But in 1918, the United States government recognized the substance as being dangerous to human beings.
It wouldn’t be until 1930 that famous researcher Dr. E.R.A. Merewether conducted the first public study showing that one out of four workers who had been in contact with asbestos were suffering health complications from it.
Asbestos exposure over prolonged periods has been proven to cause a severe form of lung cancer known as malignant mesothelioma.
And though there is a treatment for this type of cancer, there is no knowable cure and death is all but guaranteed for the sufferer.
For this reason, the United States government made the use of asbestos in any form illegal.
According to Vogelganz Law, victims of mesothelioma due to unlawful asbestos exposure have a right to compensation under the law.
Here is a short list of some of the professions where one is most likely to become exposed to asbestos.

1. Shipyard Workers

Roughly 30% of all asbestos-related mesothelioma claims are made by veterans of shipyards.
The repair and building of large ships and other kinds of boats involve dealing with asbestos materials.
And though newer vessels are no longer constructed with it, in most cases, older boats have been built using asbestos. Dismantling them definetely puts workers at risk of asbestos exposure.

2. Construction and Demolition Workers

Although asbestos is now banned in the construction industry, for the most part, this does not mean that construction workers and demolition crews are not exposed to it.
Before the mid-80s, most if not all building materials contained asbestos. Demolition workers tearing down old buildings or maintenance specialists repairing old buildings are often exposed to asbestos.
Did you know that many roofing and flooring materials are still made with asbestos?
The bottom line is that if you are in construction, repairs, and demolition, chances are pretty much 100% that you have been exposed to large quantities of asbestos.
If this is the case, you may be at risk for developing mesothelioma, if you have not already.

3. Firefighters

One of the professions which put its workers at the highest risk for asbestos exposure and mesothelioma development is that of the firefighter.
For one, fire retardant clothing worn by firefighters is made with asbestos.
Moreover, every single time a fireman runs into a burning building, all of that asbestos used in the construction process becomes airborne and highly volatile.
Firefighters have truly ridiculous rates of lung cancer, specifically mesothelioma when compared to other professions. If this is you, and you need money to cover your medical costs, it might be time to seek legal assistance.

4. Mining

Mining is another one of those professions which involves a ridiculously high amount of asbestos exposure.
Therefore, miners also suffer from a disproportionate level of mesothelioma when compared to other professions.
Miner’s clothing and many specific tools contain asbestos, as well, the construction process for mines also involves asbestos.
Even worse, digging around in the ground also puts miners at high risk for asbestos exposure. Heck, before 2002, in the USA, asbestos mining was a whole industry in itself.
Either way, as a miner, if you are experiencing mesothelioma, there might be a way for you to get monetary compensation.

5. Factory and Mill Workers

There are all kinds of processing plants, factories, and mills, especially steel and metal mills, which expose workers to asbestos, and therefore puts them at high risk for developing mesothelioma.
Textile mill workers, steel mill workers, power plant workers, industrial and processing plant workers, and pretty much any other type of factory worker out there has most likely been exposed to large quantities of this dangerous substance.

Getting Compensation From Professional Related Asbestos Exposure

There are hundreds of other professions out there which expose workers to asbestos, and therefore, all of them are at risk of developing mesothelioma.
This is a serious form of lung cancer, and it is something that you can get monetary compensation for, primarily due to the fact that asbestos is now illegal in most professional fields.
If you have lung cancer, and it is due to your current or former profession, you do have a fighting chance at getting compensated. So take action now and call someone to assist you in this matter.