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5 ways CBD will make your life better in 2020

With research providing satisfactory evidence in regards to the benefits of CBD, the use of CBD or Cannabidiol for various purposes is on the rise. 

Many states are passing laws in favor of CBD infused products. The year 2018 saw President Trump sign the Farm Bill which legalized the use of hemp and its derivatives with certain restrictions. 

CBD is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is also found in the cannabis plant but the difference is that it is psychoactive and CBD is not. This is why CBD doesn’t produce euphoria or make you feel sedated, but you can still benefit from its positive properties. 

Today the use of CBD is common in various industries like healthcare, skincare, beauty and so on. There is plenty of research available on the topic online, and people have become more aware of the positive effects of this natural compound. 

In 2020, you can expect the CBD market to grow further, and with the on-going research, the CBD industry is here to stay and provide valuable solutions through a series of products. 

To understand the various uses of CBD and assess what the near future looks like, below are five ways CBD will make your life better in 2020: 

  1. CBD Oil for Acne and Skin Treatments

CBD has certain anti-inflammatory properties that help treat any skin related issue that can be categorized as an inflammation. 

The skincare industry is constantly looking for natural solutions for problems like acne and other skin related disorders. 

According to Cool Things Chicago, acne is one of the most common skin disorders and CBD is proving to be a valuable natural solution to treat the same. 

Our appearance is so important to most of us, and maintaining it can be challenging. It is going to be very interesting to see how research on CBD as treatment evolves to spread its use further. 

  1. CBD for Chronic Pain

It is safe to say that a lot many people suffer from body ache as they age or if they have a tiring lifestyle. Consistent pain in certain parts of the body for months together is defined as chronic pain. 

Although this may seem like a minor problem, chronic pain has emerged as a serious public health issue as a majority of the aging population suffers from it. 

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help treat chronic pain in the most natural way. As discussed earlier, CBD does not produce euphoria and hence is a great alternative solution to treat chronic pain. 

CBD blocks the pain receptors and helps relax the muscle fibers. CBD has proven to treat chronic pain without any side-effects. According to the Baltimore Post Examiner, CBD can treat pain caused by any kind of inflammation. 

Like it has continued to prove itself as a solution for chronic pain in the last decade, in 2020, we can expect more CBD infused solutions to treat chronic pain. As the legalities of cannabis are now changing in favor of CBD products with some restrictions, more people will be able to use CBD as a form of treatment. 

  1. CBD Tinctures and their multiple uses

CBD tinctures are basically a form of CBD extract that is oil-based and contains a low volume of THC. CBD Tinctures have many positive benefits. 

Some of the benefits of CBD tinctures are that they reduce stress and anxiety levels, and they can be used to treat those that struggle with any kind of addiction. 

According to Daily CBD Mag, studies have indicated that CBD tinctures also help those suffering from eating disorders, excessive weight loss, and weight gain. 

There are multiple health benefits of CBD tinctures, and the future looks promising. In 2020, you can expect research to advance and see more products with CBD tinctures so that more people get access to them. 

Keep in mind before purchasing a product, that since CBD tinctures do contain a low volume of THC, in order for it to be legal, the percentage of THC has to be less than 3%. 

  1. CBD Oil to support treatment for ADHD

ADHD or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder usually begins in one’s childhood and can last an entire lifetime. A lot of children are not even diagnosed with ADHD at an early stage. Even for the ones that are diagnosed, not all children receive appropriate treatments. 

There are many types of treatments for ADHD that are either medical or behavioral, depending on the case. There are more than 3 million cases of ADHD diagnoses in the US per year. It is considered a condition that cannot be truly cured but it can be treated to help the individuals suffering from it.

According to Healthcare Weekly, studies have been conducted that prove that CBD oil helps individuals deal with symptoms of ADHD. People with the disorder suffer from a lot of restlessness and anxiety. CBD is known to improve brain function, and also acts as a relaxant to reduce anxiety levels. 

As mentioned earlier, ADHD is not curable but it can be treated. While some research indicates that CBD can be a viable supportive treatment for millions of people with ADHD, more research will justify whether it will be widely used or not. 

  1. CBD for General Health 

People have started introducing CBD into their lifestyle for the purpose of general wellness. Specific use of CBD in one’s day to day life has become a popular trend, especially in metropolitan cities.

According to CBD Kyro, there are different kinds of CBD oil, and CBD is more effective when it is mixed with another natural substance that is derived from hemp. It is important to understand the effects of the various types of CBD oil and the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil, before introducing either into your daily life. 

CBD helps treat people with sleeplessness. Studies have suggested that a small dosage of CBD may help maintain heart health. As CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors in the nerve cells of the brains, it helps with keeping the memory function stable. 

As discussed earlier, CBD helps with any kind of pain or inflammation and also problems like anxiety. Due to its varied effects, people have started using CBD products for general wellness and this trend is increasingly growing. Certain coffee shops in the United States also now sell CBD infused coffee to cater to the demand. 

Before purchasing any CBD products or using CBD for any purpose, it is important to consult a doctor, and look at the legal regulations of your state or country. In the United States, it is illegal to purchase any CBD product that contains more than 3% of THC.