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5 Ways to Cope With Urges and Cravings

Continue reading for five (5) practical tips on how to deal with urges and cravings once you have made the decision to refrain from alcohol and drugs.

Cravings are common

Everybody who’s involved in addictive behavior is experiencing uncomfortable cravings (“I need it badly”) and urges (“I need to do it now”). They’re normal. And fortunately, they always pass as time passes. In the start of the recovery, they may be pretty intense, but each one of these will subside if you’re able to wait for it and also have a arrange for relapse prevention. Cravings and urges will the reduction in strength and frequency with time. You may make this happen by adopting some coping strategies that actually work well for you.

Understanding how to resist cravings

For most people, urges, and cravings to make use of alcohol or drugs trigger automatic responses. They’re without conscious thought: I would like [complete the blank]. = I receive it. Understanding how to avoid these intense, ingrained desires is among the greatest challenges in recovery. The good thing is that you could understand these desires and discover to face up to them.

Actually, “Coping with Urges and Cravings” is Point 2 from the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program®. The SMART Recovery Guide has collected nearly 24 strategies for coping with them. A few of the approaches that actually work perfectly for most are summarized using the easy-to-remember acronym DEADS – as with “Combat Urges DEADS.” Each letter means a helpful approach:

D = Delay. The mental activities of cravings and urges disappear with time unless of course you positively maintain all of them with your attention. With time, they’ll run their course and disappear. When they aren’t gone in 10-fifteen minutes, then you continue to be uncovered towards the stimulus that cued the need, to begin with. Just don’t surrender regardless of how bad the need is and it’ll pass. All of the urges you’ve ever had have passed. After you have denied a desire, you realize it can be done over and over. After a short while, you will see fewer cravings and those you’ve will diminish in intensity. Waiting them out is a superb key to recovery.

E = Escape. Just leave or escape from the need provoking situation. Try to escape from this. Leave the pub to be able to stop looking in the beer taps. Leave the supermarket where all of the wine bottles are extremely nicely displayed. If there’s an alcohol ad on television, switch the funnel. Just the act of getting away the trigger will focus the mind on something totally new – that will rapidly decrease the urge.

A = Accept. Place your urges and cravings into perspective by understanding that they’re normal and can pass. It’s essential in the process of recovery to understand to simply accept discomfort. It will not “kill” you and will also be gone pretty rapidly. You’ll feel better about what you’re learning and be having.

D = Dispute. If you’ve labored with the ABC or DISARM exercises, you might have created a rational “Effective new belief” or counter statement that will help you attack your (irrational) urges and cravings. These exercises assist you to productively identify past addictive situations and develop helpful tactics for disputing them once they occur again – which supports them pass a lot more rapidly.

S = Substitute. When you are getting a desire, rapidly substitute a concept or activity that’s more advantageous or fun. Go for a walk or other type of exercise. Get something totally new to see or switch on something to hear. The options to substitute (and reduce the craving more rapidly) are endless. Consider and write lower some options to possess a list on hands when a desire occurs. Then just select one to use a highly effective response.

  • One important step that helped me quit smoking 3 years ago was that I had to give myself the reason to quit the habit. Reminding myself of that reason gave me a powerful motivation to live a smoke free life up to this moment. Just as you stated in the article, its not easy though but I had to use some of those DEADS escape route lol. The most important one is delaying the gratification. I later found out they pass over time. Also, I tried as much as possible to visit public places that don’t allow smoking or chew a gum when it becomes intense