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5 Ways To Improve Your Cardio To Free Your Mind

According to research, cardio is one of the best ways in the world to beat stress. Jumping rope, running, rowing, mountain biking, and other cardiovascular activities will transform your life. Just don’t rest on your laurels once you start.

If you last longer it will have a bigger impact on your mind. Unlike meditation, you’ll need to work hard if you want to improve your endurance. We’re going to examine a few tactics you can use once you’ve picked a form of cardio to focus on.

1. You’ve Got To Be Specific

You might be wondering why you should focus on one form of cardio. It’s because there isn’t a massive deal of carryover between activities. If you run 20 miles every weekend you won’t automatically be a jump rope master.

It’s mostly because you’ll use different muscles depending on what you do. Feel free to play around with various things when you get a bit bored. Just realize it’s not a very efficient use of your time.

2. Try Out Interval Training

When you think of cardio the first thing that pops into your mind is running for hours without a break. There is a more effective way to boost your endurance, which involves breaking your workout down into intervals.

You might sprint for 30 seconds then walk for a few minutes. Once you repeat the process X amount of times you’re done. Don’t do any more than 20 minutes of cardio because you won’t be able to put in maximum effort.

3. Let Your Injuries Heal Up

Once you start to feel a niggle it’s tempting to keep pushing yourself. You’ve got to make sure you don’t overdo it because you feel worthless. Letting yourself recover from injuries is not a weakness.

I’m sure you know what will happen if you don’t give yourself enough time to rest. You will end up on the couch for weeks because you can’t move. If you’re incapacitated you won’t be able to improve your cardio.

4. Eat Enough Carbs Every Day

Lots of diets say it’s crucial to reduce the amount of carbs you eat every day. Some tell you to cut them out completely. It might be okay if you don’t exercise, but increasing the carbs you eat will help your cardio.

Did you know carbohydrates are your body’s preferred fuel source? Once they enter your body it will almost stop burning fats and proteins. When you stop eating carbs your body will have to fight harder to produce energy.

5. Make Sure You Are Hydrated

There are actually multiple reasons why you’re told to drink enough water every day. All sorts of things go wrong once your body is dehydrated. When your body craves water it will have a big impact on your cardio.

You won’t be able to keep going as long as usual before you crumble. Luckily it’s not too difficult to hit your goal on a daily basis. Walk around with a jug and don’t jump into bed until it’s completely empty.

It’s Worth All The Hard Work

If you put in the effort required you won’t have any regrets. Your mind will feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off it. For even better results incorporate resistance training into your workouts too.