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7 Best ZocDoc Alternatives

ZocDoc is one of the more popular online medical care appointment booking services in the marketplace. Because of ZocDoc’s ability to raise over $225 million in funding, it is one of the leaders in the marketplace as they have been able to achieve maximum brand awareness [1]. However, just because it is the most well recognized and the most well known, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for everyone. After all, it’s one of the most expensive options available with providers having to pay a set fee and a fee that varies per booking. There are some competitors in the marketplace that stack up very well against ZocDoc and even have benefits over it including having lower costs. Below, you will see some of the best ZocDoc alternatives if you are looking for a health care marketplace and an online medical appointment booking platform to be listed on and start getting more patients from.


Tripment is somewhat of a newer platform in this space, but it is definitely one of the most intriguing ones as well. Tripment is a leading transparent healthcare pricing marketplace which empowers patients to find, book, and pay for medical procedures and consultations online. The Tripment platform gives patients the ability to easily search for doctors, compare prices, and schedule appointments without ever having to worry about surprise medical bills; all while giving doctors a better way to connect with and serve their patients. With features like booking appointments and video consultations available, as well as their affordable subscription plans, this is definitely one platform you should consider. To list your practice for FREE on Tripment you can visit this URL –

2. Sesamecare

Sesamecare is one of the leading competitors that is battling ZocDoc for market share. Sesame provides an easy online booking system with full pricing transparency. You also have the ability to cancel without fees 24 hours ahead of time. Because Sesame accepts payments, you can completely pre-pay for your appointment ahead of time which allows you to know exactly what you are paying for. Along with this, it makes it so the doctors are able to receive full payment with no hassle. This allows them to charge less which helps drive lower prices for patients.

3. Opencare

Opencare is another option for those seeking dentist professionals. Opencare specially curated a bunch of dentists in order to ensure that you have a variety of dentists to consider using. To start, you fill out a questionnaire that takes you through your dental health and asks you other questions that it analyzes in order to find you the right dentists in your area. They take a much smarter approach towards finding you the right fit versus you having to find one that would be a good fit on your own.

4. CashMD

CashMD is another health platform that you can consider a competitor to ZocDoc. CashMD is determined to be a marketplace that offers full pricing transparency for consumers/patients to ensure they know what they are paying for when they are visiting a health care practitioner. On this platform, you can quickly and easily compare prices for local providers and make a good selection and book directly on the site without having to worry about surprises in your bill.

5. MDsave

MDsave is a good online health marketplace where patients are able to compare prices easily and buy whatever procedure they are in need of getting. You can search through their extensive list of procedures and pay directly through the site or by calling. You can also make the decision to pay for the procedure once you arrive at your appointment. This way, you are able to search through different providers easily based on whatever procedure you need. This can help you have a full understanding of how much you are paying prior to getting it done.

6. Healthcarebluebook

Healthcarebluebook is another health care marketplace that is prioritizing transparency above all else. With this marketplace, you search for whatever medical procedure you need doing, you compare your options, and you save money. It’s very simple and it makes the entire process from start to finish completely transparent so you are never left wondering what additional fees you are paying for.

7. Healthgrades

Healthgrades is a health care marketplace where patients can search for anything from doctors to conditions or even exact procedures that they are in need of. From there, you will be able to see matches to your search criteria. You can look at the doctor’s reviews and make an appointment with one that you have chosen. They make it easy to narrow through the vast array of options to ensure you are choosing someone who has a good reputation in your local area.

Overall, there are plenty of different competitors to ZocDoc that do a lot of what ZocDoc does but at a much cheaper price. ZocDoc has become relatively expensive for health care professionals. Therefore, the extra fees they pay typically get passed onto the patients indirectly. By choosing one of the other services mentioned above, you may be able to find providers that charge less and you will even be able to get providers with better transparency in their pricing.