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7 Signs That Stress is Messing With Your Health

Whether you’re a high paid manager preparing for an upcoming presentation that can make or break your career; a concerned father salvaging every penny of your hard-earned money for your kid’s college funds (while sacrificing your own plans), a responsible man-of-the-house striving to pay for those hefty utility bills, or a torn lover who recently got dumped by your girlfriend, there is no denying that the most important things in our life can also be the most stressful.

How Stressed Are You? 

Stress: a 6 lettered lethal word that we’re all in a relationship with whether we like it or not. It’s an unhealthy relationship that we can’t get out of. It’s like salt: too much of it and you’re aging faster than your grandma, too little and you’re getting nowhere.

This adrenaline-pumping state can sometimes provide you with that addictive ‘fight or flight’ high that gets your heart racing (like when you dive off of a fifty feet cliff into the water), but it could also be adversely affecting your health in ways that could be irreversibly detrimental to you in the long run.

Stress not only affects our health but also makes us act and decide on impulse ignoring our long-term well-being. Too much of it can damage your immune system, heart, and sex-life. It can even increase your chances of health problems and reduce your life expectancy.

You might be stressed and still be unaware of the damage it’s doing to you. If you believe your relationship with stress has become deadly and are not too sure of what the signs are, then here are some alarms that might already have gone off.

  1. Lessening of Facial Attractiveness

Testosterone, well known for being a male hormone, serves as a potent beautifier and strengthens the immune system. However, it was found that high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, led to the suppression of the hormone’s effects. Higher cortisol levels will make you look less attractive which is never desirable. Remember, it’s the hormone version of your crush’s boyfriend! Don’t let it overshadow you.

  1. Heart problems: Sign of Inherited Stress

Yes, apparently, you can inherit stress from your mom and dad too.  As if it wasn’t enough already that it exists wherever you go!  Stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease, and both can be inherited. Those who have a genetic disposition to stress were found to be diagnosed with heart disease twelve years earlier than others.

  1. Affects the Sperm

Here’s a big reason for all the future dads to start de-stressing themselves: stress can produce long-term alterations to the sperm. Chronic stress in the father can morph the gene expressions to the sperm. In turn, the offspring could inherit hyper-stress, anxiety, and depression.

  1. Affects Prostate Health 

Chronic stress can have devastating effects on your prostate health if you already have a prostate problem. Studies show that stress can make symptoms such as painful urination, urinary urgency worse. The good news is that reducing the amount of stress in your life can slow down the progression of prostate cancer.

  1. Social Withdrawal

Social withdrawal may already be on the rise for most of the people of the world and is the most significant sign of stress and depression in a person. Usually, we take a guy’s quiet nature as just another ‘manly’ trait and wave it off if we find a mate sulking in the corner. Sometimes, however, it could be much more than manliness. Simply put, those who are socially withdrawn could be battling stress and anxiety.

Fortunately for the women, it’s more natural for them to seek emotional support as a way to battle their stress and therefore deal with it more quickly. However, for the rest of the half of the world’s population shutting people out seems to be the most common solution. This only empowers the stress and strengthens the control it has on them.

Next time your mate is quiet and distant, you should take out a minute and ask him what’s up? If you are unable to come to terms with your stress or put it into words, seek professional help or connect with your trusted support system – could be a close friend or a family member. Remember, it is crucial to have a secure support system to lean on to get through your bad days.

  1. Decreased Sperm Count

Being stressed and anxious can lead to infertility. A study conducted in Italy revealed that distressed men ejaculated less, had a lessor sperm concentration and sperm count than men who were not stressed. As discussed previously, stress also caused deformation of sperms and less motility.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Stress can cause and worsen erectile dysfunction. If it did, now you know exactly why.

Twenty percent of ED is caused due to psychological factors which include depression, stress, and anxiety. To achieve a state of arousal, the parasympathetic nervous system needs to be triggered however when stressed you are in the fight and flight mode that stems from the sympathetic nervous system.  So another primary reason to de-stress yourself is to avoid embarrassment in the bedroom. You’re welcome.

If you’re in any of these bandwagons of men, it’s time for you to distress yourself.

Some Stress Busters

For men and women, research-based stress busters like deep breathing, running, meditation, and yoga have found to be excellent de-stressors.  Also, taking care of yourself is one of the best ways to save yourself from trouble.


** This article was submitted by contributing author Barney Whistance

  • Great article. I remember reading about stress and ED years ago. It is amazing how stress can hinder so many things in your life if you don’t learn to control it. Some levels of stress are good for you but to be in a nearly constant state will damage your body over time. Going to share this with friends and family!