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All About 1200 Calorie Diet for Weight Loss

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Following a proper diet is very important along with exercising if you want to lose weight. And, along with eating healthy, it is also important to keep the calorie in check. You cannot overeat healthy foods and then expect to lose weight. Following a 1200 calorie diet is pretty common among fitness enthusiasts. In today’s post, you will get to know all about it.

All About 1200 Calorie Diet for Weight Loss

What is it

Although it is called a 1200 calorie diet plan; it is actually of a 1200 K cal. The normal calorie need for an active middle aged woman should be around 2000 K cal a day. The 1200 K cal is strictly for all those who want to lose weight and this should not be continued for more than 1-2 month.

What to Eat

Eating healthy food

Whenever you follow a restricted calorie diet, you automatically learn to cut the extra useless part from your diet. In this diet, you must concentrate more on vegetables and protein. Learn to avoid white carbs, desserts, packaged food and this diet won’t be difficult at all. I will discuss the types of food that you must add to make the diet low on calories and high on the nutrients your boy needs.

1. Vegetables:
Vegetables must be the main part of your big meals and can also replace the snacks. Make sure to have two portions of vegetables for your lunch and dinner along with one portion each of protein and carb. Leafy vegetables, colorful vegetables are must have on your plates. You can replace the French fries or chips with crunchy and healthy carrots for your snacks and you won’t be guilty anymore.

2. Proteins:
Woman hands breaking egg to separate egg-white and yolk

While you need to lose the fat, it is also important to maintain your muscle mass. Do not miss out on the protein source on your daily diet. Non-vegetarian protein sources like egg, fish, and chicken are very important. You can also opt for grilled mutton liver as this is an amazing source of protein. If you are opting for vegetarian diet, opt for paneer, soya chunks, cheese and dals.

3. Cereals:
Replacing your regular rice with cereals is a good option as it supply high fiber and other nutrients along with low amount of carb. Try to opt for brown or red rice, millet, multigrain atta, ragi, and quinoa for the perfect meal balance. At times, you can also use polished rice. But, try to mix a little amount of it with loads of veggies to reduce the damage.

4. Fruits:
Smiling young woman eating fruit salad

Fruits are important source of vitamins and minerals and you cannot ignore them. Try to avoid eating excess of sweet fruits like mango and apple. Mix equal parts of various fruits in a bowl and have it with yogurt to replace your dessert.

Meal Idea:

You can eat any healthy homemade food, cooked with less oil while following this diet. I will give a brief outline here, so that you can get an idea of what to eat.

Breakfast (350 calorie)
Breakfast oatmeal with bananas, blueberries, chia seeds and almonds

A slice of multigrain bread/roti with scrambled egg/slice of paneer and some yogurt
Oat cooked with loads of veggies (total amount should not be more than a cereal; bowl) along with chaas

Mid-Morning Snack(50 Calorie)
Medium-sized apple

Lunch(400 calorie)
1 Multigrain roti/1 cup brown rice/1 cup quinoa along with a cup of cooked vegetable (in olive oil), a bowl of rajma/chicken/fish/paneer, raita

Evening Snacks
Freshly opened coconut drink with straw

Try to skip this if possible. If not, have a glass of coconut water to keep yourself full with negligible calorie. This also provides loads of nutrients.

Dinner(400 calorie)
Fresh vegetable soup with boiled chicken (100g)
1 roti with rajma curry and vegetable salad
Quinoa cooked with vegetables and grilled mutton liver.
You can indulge in some homemade dessert like sooji cooked with milk or coconut milk pudding.

As I always say, consult your physician to know if this diet will be suitable for you or not. Also, try to understand how your body is reacting when you are undergoing the diet. If you feel unwell and weak, stop it immediately. It is more important to be healthy than losing weight.

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