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All you should know about the HIV tests

At times, you get infected and you need a confirmation for it. Multiple tests are carried to check the conformity of the infection. The same process is with HIV. You can check and confirm the HIV infection with the help of HIV tests. You might not be sure and quite obnoxious about the fact that is the HIV test is fine and accurate? Then you might need a little information about the HIV tests.

If you think that you may be infected with HIV, here is what kind of HIV test you should do.

Antibody Screening test

This is the first HIV test that you should get done. The antibody screening HIV test can be done from the 22nd week to the 8th week. This antibody test will diagnose the initial antibodies and protein that has been produced by your body. And that is the symptom of HIV infection.

Antibody combination test of the antigen combination test

The antibody combination test of the antigen combination test is another HIV test. These two combinations of the test are the blood tests. You can get the result and the conformity about your HIV infection, with this test earlier than another this. The antibody combination test of the antigen combination test can be done from the 2nd to 4th week of the infection. The blood test will provide you the results within 20 minutes.

RNA test

RNA Test is another HIV test. While you may not take this test at first. This RNA test can diagnose the infection in 10 days. Whereas the RNA TEST is an expensive test and people do not prefer it that much and at first.

HIV test kits

Nowadays, you do not have to go to the hospital and get checked. You can get in-home HIV test kits and check if you are infected or not. Most of these kits provide a test result with the conformity of 95% in the early 28 days.

Once you have done all the HIV tests and now you are confirmed about the infection. Now it the time you move further for the treatment and consultation with the doctors.

When should you get your HIV tests done?

  • When you are getting checked for sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases like TB and Hepatitis, you should get yourself checked for HIV too.
  • If you had several sexual partners in the past, then you must get checked for HIV.
  • If you ever had unprotected sex with anybody who might have HIV, you should get yourself checked.

There are many other factors due to which you can be affected by HIV. If you come across any of the conditions above, you should stay safe and infection-free. HIV at the early stage will help you in the diagnosis and treatment of it. And if you know that you are infected with HIV, you will make sure that nobody else gets infected by you through sexual contact.