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Amber Portwood Gets VERY Real About Past Drug Use

Amber Portwood is here to keep it real.

Like, very real.

Like, so real that the veteran Teen Mom star is opening up about her history of mental health problems and drug addiction and how her everyday life has been impacted by these traits, disorders and character flaws.

She did so as a guest on the Dopey Podcast, with bills itself as specializing in "The Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction."

Just how deeply did Portwood delve into her personal issues?

More deeply than ever before.

Scroll down to see what we mean…

1. Brief Background on Portwood:
Amber portwood on insta
Amber first appeared on MTV during season 1 of 16 and Pregnant, way back in 2009. She has since appeared on all seven seasons of Teen Mom, which was later renamed Teen Mom OG and whose eighth season begins on October 1.
2. She Has Two Kids
Amber portwood flaunts major cleavage
A nine-year old daughter named Leah and a son named James who was born in May of 2018.
3. Her Dating History:
Amber portwood gets angry
Ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley is the father of Leah, while Portwood was engaged to Matt Baier in 2017, prior to the pair calling off their wedding. She is now seriously involved with Andrew Glennon, the father of her second child.
4. By the Way …
Andrew glennon selfie
Fun fact about her relationship with Andrew: she met him while filming Marriage Boot Camp with Matt, and less than two months later, she was pregnant. So, you know, there’s some solid decision-making skills.
5. Another Thing …
Amber portwood pink hair pic
In addition to her seriously questionable taste in men, she’s known for her anger issues. Because they are very, very serious.
6. Oh, Gary …
Gary shirley of teen mom
Early episodes of Teen Mom show her being abusive to Gary, both mentally and physically. Once she was shown kicking his back as he was walking down a flight of stairs — she honestly could have severely injured him then.
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