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Are Dental Implants Really the Right Choice for Me?

Coming to terms with the fact that your natural teeth had to go was not easy. All you could see is a future of wearing dentures. Fortunately the dentist has determined that you are a candidate for dental implants. Here are a few of the reasons why implants are a better option that being fitted for dentures.

You Can’t Beat the Look

Implants provide a more natural look than most sets of dentures. That’s because a great deal of care goes into crafting the caps adhered to the implants proper. The scale and proportion of each one is designed to look like the real thing. Even the shade of white chosen provides you with a more natural-looking smile.

Implants are Comfortable

Another reason to move ahead with that quote for dental implants is the comfort they provide. Implants occupy the same space recently vacated by your natural teeth. They do not fit around or over the gums and there is no shifting. The result is no soreness or discomfort once the implants are settled in. Compare that to dentures and the need to use adhesives that may or may not prevent rubbing against your tender gums.

Forget About Bone Loss

When you choose to go with dentures, it’s only a matter of time before the bone structure of the jaw begins to change. That’s because the tooth sockets are left empty. Nature will shrink and alter the bone structure to fill in those empty spaces. Sooner rather than later, your jaw line will no longer be as attractive.

Implants fill those sockets and protect the integrity of the jaw bone. Instead of having the bottom part of your face appear sunken, you retain the natural contours.

More Confidence in Social Settings

Even with a reliable adhesive, there are still worries about dentures slipping out of place. That can make it harder to enjoy social events with loved ones. If you choose to go with implants, you can forget about anything slipping out of place. Feel free to smile as much as you like and don’t fret about foods that could cause a denture plate to dislodge. Relax and enjoy your outing.

Longer Lasting

The life of your implants is longer than any set of dentures. Part of this is due to the shifting contours of your gums. There’s only so much that can be done to alter the shape of denture plates. Eventually, you’ll need a new set that fits the current shape of the jaws.

Implants are designed to last much longer. You don’t have to worry about the fit. Even if you do crack a cap, a new one can be produced and put in position with relative ease.

Before making your final decision, arranging for a free consultation from family dentists in Barrie in Barrie is a good idea. The dental team will help you learn more about the merits of implants, what to expect in terms of care, and how they will be right for you in the years to come.