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Benjamin Harow: Doctors Recommendations On Pandemic Practices

There are many individuals who are hesitant when sending their children back to school. This is due to the frightening coronavirus that is ever-present in the lives of many people. It’s obvious that healthcare professionals recommend there to be zero connection between children given that they are very receptive to such an illness. They can easily spread it to their parents according to doctors like Benjamin Harow, on Health Care For People. The importance of social distancing does not compare to any other virus. Children are losing their lives all over the country because of the effects COVID-19 has on them and their families. Parents are worried that as colder months creep in, there will be a very low tolerance for at school teaching. Children inevitably get sick during the year, whether it’s the flu or a common cold. However, there is much more at stake given that any weakness in the immune systems makes the child more susceptible to COVID-19.

In order to halt some of the worries people are having about their child, Harow believes that there needs to be accountability for people refraining from keeping their children home. He understands children need to socialize, which is a very important part of the brain development of a child. However, there are safe ways to do that that do not include educational aspects. For example, if a child wants to interact with others, it’s critical they, and the pirates, get tested prior to any interaction. Harow says that testing is also not enough. While the test results are being administered, they must be quaranteed to ensure the negative test is accountable. Without doing so, there could be a catastrophe. At home or the location of a person’s choosing, activities can be held while still practicing social distancing. There are also games online that children can play against one another and talk to each other through a headset if they are feeling up to that. Harrow emphasizes that there are many ways to be creative during such times. It’s not a simple task to understand everything going on in the world. Nevertheless, Benjamin knows that with the support of families, people will triumph over this pandemic. 

If children are going back to school due to regulations, then Harow says there are things parents can do to reduce the percentage of their young getting the virus. First off, have the children equipped with their own sanitizer. By allowing them to decorate it in school or at home with their favorite stickers, they will be psychologically more inclined to use it. In addition, having a familiar scent or something they don’t steer away from is also beneficial. This way they might want to use it more than they should given it smells like cupcakes or roses. Children are very receptive to positive outlooks. Harrow states that making sanitizing a game or part of a routine is a way to get children to think about it more as a fun acidity rather than a choice. Of course, given the person’s location, covering them from head to toe is always a good idea. In addition, having glosses that aren’t too heavy can benefit them in the long run. Children tend to put their fingers in their mouths. By doing so, they digest the germs thus causing any particles to be contracted and possibly get them sick. Making sure to teach them to keep their hands out of their mouths, especially in public, is really helpful, says Harow. 

On ShareCare, Harrow emphasizes that school and activities can be successful with the right amount of precautions. No one will know what’s going to happen in the next few months, so staying prepared amidst it all is the best way to maintain a clear health history. 

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