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Best 3 Reasons to Explore Your Options for Implants

Dentures are not the only viable replacement for teeth. Many people find that dental implants are a better solution for them. There are even some choices when it comes to the implants themselves. Here are a few of the reasons that you want to sit down with a Smile-by-design dentist and explore all your implant options before making a decision.


The Condition of the Jaw Bones

One of the factors that the dentist must consider is the condition of your upper and lower jaw bones. The tissue must be sturdy enough to hold the implants in position. Even if the bone tissue is not in the best shape, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with dentures. There’s a couple of options to discuss first.

You could undergo grafts that would strengthen the bone and allow you to receive a series of implants to replace each individual tooth. The dental expert will also mention the possibility of receiving what is known as teeth in a day implants. This solution involves installing four implants in the upper and then the lower jaws. A dental plate or denture that looks just like a set of real teeth is attached to each set of four implants. Many people find this approach, also known as all-on-four, to be just what they need.


The Time Involved

Individual implants do require time to install. Only so many can be done per session, and you must allow time for swelling and healing to take place. When you would prefer to have the process completed in days rather than several weeks, the Smile-by-Design dentist is likely to recommend the all-on-four solution. In some cases, everything can be completed in single day. Even if you have to return the following day for the permanent plate or denture, that’s still much less time to receive a full set of teeth.


Recuperating From the Implant Insertion

There’s a lot of healing that has to take place when you are talking about inserting single implants to replace each of your lost teeth. There’s the discomfort that will occur as the feeling returns to the gums. As an invasive procedure, there will be some swelling around each implant. Since not all of the implants can be inserted at one time, you will need to repeat the process several times. All in all, it could be a few months before everything is done and your recuperation is fully complete.

Since Teeth in a Day require fewer implants, patients do recover faster. There’s a good chance that any swelling or pain will be over in a couple of days after the procedure. You will still have access to pain medication and antibiotics if necessary. What this approach does ensure is that you and your new teeth are ready for action sooner rather than later.

Talk with your Smile-by-Design dentist about dental implants and the different options currently available. Spend time getting to know more about the Teeth in a Day solution in particular. By taking the time to learn all you can right now, it’s easier to make a choice that serves you well for a long time.