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Best Organic CBD Protein Powder to Boost Performance

CBD is no longer just a therapeutic, niche supplement used by just a few people; it is now something used by almost everyone.

Whether you are looking for its myriad physiological effects, or you enjoy the sense of calm it creates, CBD oils – and CBD products, in general – are becoming massively popular.

One of the most recent additions to the catalog of CBD products is CBD protein powder, designed to boost your performance. But how are you supposed to decide which CBD protein powder to use?

Here is a little guide to the best CBD protein powder, so that you know you are only ever buying the very best.   

What Is CBD Protein Powder?

Before you can pick up some CBD protein powder, you need to understand what it actually is.

CBD protein powder is any kind of protein powder that has been infused with cannabidiol. Many different manufacturers claim that it helps you with recovery after a workout or generally improves performance.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that CBD protein powder is fundamentally different from hemp protein powder.

A lot of protein powders are made from things like hemp, as they are an easy and cheap plant to extract protein from. Another example of plant protein is whey protein powder.

CBD protein powder is actually just any form of protein powder that contains CBD alongside the base protein. This means that you can find CBD protein powder made from hemp, but also CBD protein powders made from other protein sources as well.

The main reason people take CBD protein powder is to help soothe the irritating pain that comes from working out too hard and to build muscle. Additionally, a CBD dose can help your muscles relax and suppress any pain that comes from inflammation as a result of pushing yourself too hard.

While it isn’t something significant for those who work out casually, those interested in bodybuilding really need a big dose of extra protein to help them build muscle. It only makes sense to combine the desired protein with some CBD as well; why not get some additional benefits?

Now that we understand CBD protein powder, what are the best CBD protein powders on the market?    

Best CBD Protein Powders Right Now

The main issue with finding a reliable, useful CBD protein powder is trying to get hold of some that actually has enough CBD in it. Additionally, certain protein powders contain excess amounts of filler, lowering the quantity of usable protein you can add to your chosen food or drink.

There are a number of exceptional options out there if you know where to look, though. Places like Floyd’s of Leadville pack their CBD protein powders with 27 grams of protein and 25mg of CBD in each serving.

This gives it an excellent balance of both protein and CBD, allowing you to provide your body with both.

However, for some people, it isn’t all about the protein and CBD content, but the taste. If you are looking for a CBD protein powder that actually tastes good, you likely want to take a look at Willpower’s ReGen CBD protein powders.

Containing two kinds of sweeteners, Willpower’s CBD protein powder actually manages to avoid tasting like grainy protein, and instead like a sweet treat.

As long as you mix it in something like milk, rather than plain tap water, you can end up with a beverage that you actually want to drink regardless of its nutrient content.   

Finally, if you are looking for a CBD protein powder that won’t break the bank, you might want to look at Applied Nutrition’s CBD protein powder.

CBD protein powder, and protein powder, in general, can be insanely expensive and Applied Nutrition’s CBD protein powder costs around 2/3rds of the price of other options.

This CBD protein powder is a lot cheaper, but still effective, making it the obvious choice for those wanting to save a little money.

Final Thoughts on What the Best Organic CBD Protein Powder Is

Getting the right CBD protein powder for yourself can sometimes be a slog, but as long as you know what you are looking for, it won’t be too challenging.

You need to decide your priorities – whether you want to focus on value, on protein and CBD content, or flavor.

Finding some kind of combination would be perfect, but until the market begins to really open up and offer other options, you need to make a few compromises to ensure you get the best option. 

Check out places like WayofLeaf for help finding the best options, or keep an eye out for new and exciting brands as they release. 

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